Media for Peace Trainnigs

Through Media for Peace project, peace journalism and media for peace training were conducted once on 2-3 June 2018 and again on 09-10 June 2018 with 36 participants (11 ladies) from social media activist for them to know about theory of peace, conflict analysis, journalism concept, war and peace journalism and conflict transformation through peace journalism to journalists and social media users, Provide the peace journalism strategies to journalists, social media users and students and to discuss about the way on how to practice or integrate peace journalism in Cambodia Media (print, on air and social media).

Peace is something that no war or violence (in society), but sometime a society that no war or violence is not a real or positive or inclusive peace, it’s have a violence under system or have a pressure of freedom. The real peace is physical and physiological peace. We create the peace when we have a conflict or violence. We build the peace when there is no real peace in order to find the real peace. There are four main causes of conflict: 1: perception, 2: prejudice, 3: painting, 4: discrimination, 5: stereotype.

Conflict analysis tools:

In conflict analysis tools we divide to 3 groups and each group have their represent to draw one of conflict analysis tools to discuss with their team. After discussing, each group presentation their tools to another groups. ABC triangle, problem; Conflict problem tree; Conflict mapping. What is news and what is not, in communication system? Sometime we think that the entertainment is also the news but in communication system they device to different part. News trends in the real and has the objective of communication and has been chosen by inside person.

Gate-keeping is the one who filling the news, who decides which news should be broadcast, like reporter and editor. Peace Journalism is the way to attend to solve the problem through broadcast the balance news, respect the ethical code, justice, no discrimination, no trend, no painting, respect the law, interview sources as much as possible, bring voice of the voiceless and one more important is journalist must prevent putting their idea in article. And for the readers also have the rule is to not share the different information from the news. Most of conflict has been broadcast through war journalist, is like the sport news that need the win side and the lose side. And one more the journalist is not interview all source so when it has only one side the news was lose their balance. To make a good news the journalists have to stay in solution style (win-win), they need to create the choice and choose the better one.

How to write good report or news (angle)

During the sharing she was presentation about the 11 important things in news for publishing as timely, closeness, the quality and unique, impact, effectiveness, most prominent, conflict result, number of people involved or affected consequences, interesting people, excitement and shocking price. Mr. Sour Piseth, Media for Peace network 2017 shared about the ethic of social media and the security for Facebook and other social media users. Mr. Uy Sokmeas, Project manager from OiC shared about the definition and theory of peace. The peace is physical and physiological peace and the real peace is the entire things that don’t have conflict with inside and outside. He also shared about the objective of peace, the content of peace education and the method of peace education. We create the peace when we have a conflict or violence. We build the peace when there is no real peace in order to find the real peace. Miss. Long Kimmarita, journalist from Lotus Radio shared about journalism and war journalism-Journalism is the news from everywhere which has 5W 1H (what, where, when, why, who, and how).  Miss. Chen Socheata, journalist from PNN shared about war journalism find the truth, find the solution, find the source of citizen and solve the problem.

Future plan were discussed; the activity that we found during the discussion is to make a spot video to broadcast and educate about sharing and comment the video on Facebook, with their own perception that make the news go wrong and step to conflict in society. Pre and post test were conducted with the evaluation sheet at the close.

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