ACT retreat 2-4 Dec 2016


ACT retreat this year started from 2-4 December 2016 at Kep and Kampot province with two boards member, staffs, and some families total 15 pax. The retreat aim to to fellowship and build relationship among ACT staff and the ACT board; to reflect on the current ACT work plan, funding and the challenges in present and future; to see the historical areas of the Cambodia land in nearby the target province. At this time board and staff able to understand more about ACT work by listen to ACT staffs shared their pass work activities and future plan, challenge and success they face with. Ms. Sophy shared on her project of Media for Peace and I-SAF; Ms. Chanthea shared on Peace Research project and Interfaith peacebuilding on Natural Resources Management with other supporting staff share their work to board. Ms. Sotheavy, the Executive director sum up all project and budget to board with other question from board to each project.

ACT policies were up dated and make decision by board such as on ACT constitution, consolidate staff policies, Human Resources and Administration procedures, ACT code of conduct, provident fund, salary scale, and Financial Manual of ACT was amendment at some points to fit to the situation in presence. Process of staffs appraisal and board reflection evaluation on our role in supporting ACT was briefly shared among the meeting agendas.

After the meeting, ACT board and staff was visit the target area of Interfaith network conduct theirretreat-kep-2dec16-2 activities so far through mangrove trees planting in Fisheries communities at TrapeangSangke at Kep province and Trapeang-Rpov at Kampot province and visit resort TaDa at Kampot. With this opportunity board and ACT staffs able to share and exchange the understanding of ACT work and the situation of ACT staffs facing.

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How to help?
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