Alumni Peace Research 2018

Alumni Peace Research was conducted on 31 March, 2018 with 24 participants with “07 ladies” at Tunle-Bassac I restaurant, Phnom Penh for strengthen the capacity of the peace research team’s on the sampling method that after years engage with the project they suggest the additional part of the sample. And to share experience and share good lesson learnt or best practice of each of group among the phase 1 and 2.

Welcoming the participants by the Executive Director of ACT , Ms. Sotheavy to the purpose of the alumni . The morning session was shared on the sampling method by Dr. Pov Youn, professor of statistics and research from Svay Rieng University /province. He shared on the method of:

1)-Definitions and select of method.

2)-The formulation method used when unknown number of population.

3)- Selection of samples; non-probability (non-random) sampling, probability (random) sampling, cluster of multistage sampling.

4)- number of sample size, table of random number, reference.

During the gathering, the participant was practiced with five test exercises with questions and answers to measure the level of understanding of the team in the short sharing and responds for clarification from the professor.

The afternoon team was reflect on 20 minute video of the “Story of the STUFF” to them think and reflect to their daily survey from individual contribute to peace and how they able to contribute to the Eco-environment protection. Then team shared about their benefit of joining with the ACT’s Peace Research project that improves much for their study, work, and life. The project progress also provided ideas and recommendation for the peace research project plan in 2018, and the topic that peace research project should research for the end of 2018 and future.

The result from the sharing Mr. Cheom Chivorn is the research team phase-1 told that; related with community works the research skill is really important for field works, data collection, analyst and report writing. Much thank for ACT who form such this peace research program, based on this program he got a lot of experience from this course on the research method, research question, method select sampling and communication with people and local authority. Until now, he has been a provincial manager at the NGO, and manages all data that has in this province.

Mr. Kimheng is research member from Tbong Kmom province told that; I think that this peace research program it really important because it is good knowledge and try to understand about the method for study of student at university when they are at final graduate.

Mr. Cheoun Nang is research team from Kampong Cham province told that; thank for ACT to support peace research program because through this course who gain more knowledge of him about research skill and easy at use of the final thesis and good result at his master assignment. According to this meeting it more interesting from research team because they got know about sampling method was clear, formula for calculate sample size, method of collecting samples, statistical calculations, random table.

Mr. Peng Kim, peace research team from Koh Kong province told that  “I really interest with this program since started till today because the research team able to learnt more knowledge from sampling method which previously, we did not have the clarity on this point”. He thanks for ACT that provided such this chance and research team for share their experience and lesson learn to me.

Ms. Sam Sreydet is research team phase 2 told that “for each training; it is very important for me to strengthen my knowledge and abilities to meet with other members and good trainer. It is important to study the present for those who will complete a graduation, master’s degree and PhD studies because the training found that learners have a specific research and there is a formula to select samples that researchers around the world are often used in research as possible.

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