Annual Network Meeting: Ending Violent

Peace Education: Ending Violent is the theme for Annual Networks Meeting this year that conducted from 8th – 11th December 2017 at Bopha Koh Kong hotel to reflect and share the involvement implement in 2017 and find out the recommendation for the future activities with present share on the result of the project evaluation for their input. There were 39 participants (7 ladies) from Media for peace team, Peace Research team, and Interfaith NRM networks from the four provinces and city.

Reflection on the current situation of Cambodia, participants expressed their view in most of the concern on political issue that affect to the economics of the country to the feeling of insecurity and the livelihood of the people. “Two third of books hotel in Siem Reap was cancel trip to Cambodia by the western and the Europeans visitor”; ”Most of independent media were quiet due to the current threat and close down the independent of the media”; “attend and participate in the NGOs work was increase the restriction by their top government leader” said by participants.

To apply the social equity especially in ACT’s work, introduction about ACT’ strategic plan, the work of ACT implementation, and additional policies that improve recently by board on the gender, child protection, anti-corruption, and relate to environment policies were presented to participants to be aware of and to increase their knowledge on human right relate to the policies that ACT adopted to apply for better of the implementation of the organization.

Group’s discussion made by each project team to share their volunteer work experience from their communities with challenges facing during the involvement of the project. Conflict transformation were useful to apply method that gain from ACT to their work place and communities in dealing with interfaith, land, forest, domestic violence and children issues. Individual and personal change was improving their behavior. Activities in 2018 were discussed and proposed by MP, PR, IF-NRM team.

Brief presentation on the draft finding and recommendation from the consultant was presented back to them and had their feedback for improved the evaluation report of “Linking Research and Strategic Peacebuilding” and “interfaith and Natural Resources Management” by Lars, Secondment of ACT from BfdW. Discussion was made and suggested to change few recommendation raised by the consultant.

For the suggestion on new program propose for 2019-2021, most of networks were suggest to keep going on the project activities with more support to the all levels from national to local level such as trainings, workshops, dialogues, exchanges, and alumni networks. With new propose for ACT to work on women, children and men group. With visiting the ChamYeam boarder market and boat trip to Tatai for them to refresh their feeling and encourage for keep working for society sake.

ACT was acknowledge thanks to donors, partners, networks, and staffs who keep continue to support ACT and engage in the process of ACT to reach peace and continue for conflict transformation.





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