Annual Networks Meeting (ANM) Dec16

Annual Networks Meeting (ANM) was conducted on 17 December 2016 at Sihaknuk vile with total 42 “10ladies” participation from interfaith networks, peace research, and peace journalist. The topic of the ANM this year base on “Non Violent Communication (NVC)” for communities network, researcher, and medias able to understand the theory of the nature of conflict, is tool for them to deal with it in personally, family, and community; for them to observe the issues, release their feeling, needs, and request in positively way. This NVC is part of human beings fundamentally desire to enrich life, to grove-become-learn and help others do the best in life, in workplace, in their relationship to connect with each other in meaningful ways.

Shared on each project communities success, challenges, and their lesson learn to each other and group discussion according to each project groups were split to discuss on their future plan for 2017 and how they able to support one another. Listen to the interfaith group represent from the Mangrove fishery community from Kep and Kampot, made very impression to the whole team to focus and concern for their right and their communities sustainability as their communities Mangrove forest event they registed and accept by the authorities but their communities mangrove forest still in grabbing and communities members were in threat. As the powerful man is from the national, even the authority in the province not able to deal with this.

The participants enjoy for this ANM and would suggest to have more such event to lean issue from difference part of the project team and network and they committed to set plan in their own work and among the network team to working on such mention issue whenever they possible for that. They would suggest ACT and donor to fund more communities base activities so that their community will be able to push more cooperate among them.

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