Annual Report Jan-Dec2018

The 2018 annual report was collected from each projects staff to consolidate for the whole ACT’s report for the year. The issues of this ACT’s report on peacebuilding and sustainable development is relevant to the organization goal and objectives to engage and contribution in part of this country development through the capacity building provided to the local authority, communities, youth, students, media, journalist, and other stakeholders; empower the communities for their advocate to the development of their own communities to peace and harmony.

The narrative report activities outlined and compiled in this will be helpful indicate to assess the relevance and outcome of the various activities of ACT in 2018 via training, workshops, provincial dialogues, seminars, survey / finding, presentations, launching, discussion, exposure study, and other relate event with the analysis on social-political, economic, indigenous, and peacebuilding for this country. ACT hopes that the outcome of all such efforts will be helpful as we continue to journeying together with the participation of the local authority, local communities and other target citizen in the target communities to the Solidarity and Peace.

ACT report Jan-Dec2018


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How to help?
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