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IF Provincial Seminar

The Interfaith Provincial Seminar was conducted in Kampongcham, Kampot, KampongChhnang, and Kratie province with total 600 interfaith participants from Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian by cooperated from the Department of Cult and Religion and the interfaith network based in each provinces in conduct the seminar under the support from Danmission.

The program were provide the open speak and welcome from the provincial governor, the Department of Cult and Religion and ACT. Sharing session on the “Peace and Sustainable Development” was introduced by ACT’s Executive Director Ms. Sotheavy and the interfaith dialogues were presented by each faith and open for the Q&A… Continue reading

Local Authority Follow up

On 29-31 October, 2018 Peace Research project was conducted follow up evaluation meeting with local authority at villages, commune, and district from Borie Cholsa, Takeo province. There were 43 participants with “o6 ladies”. The objective in the meeting was to share about the achievements in their community since after last meeting in March 2018. They was share the structure of commune/Sangkat to each other and reflect to have recommendation of research finding about situation of communities which found by peace research team.  The participants from local authority in villages from five communes: Kampong Krasang, Chey Chork, DongKpos, Borie Cholsa,… Continue reading

Shooting Media for Peace Video

For seeing the incredible increasing of citizen journalists who know less about professional of media and journalist in social media, is making the news in social media become trustless. More then this some good people become a victim in real life because of the short post that less detail in its story also an analyzed comment make the situation become worst. To be a part of awakening citizen behavior and solve this main problem, ACT, non-government organization cooperated with Media for peace networks conducted the educated video about the effect of post and comment in social media in objective to… Continue reading

Interfaith Dialogues in Kampot province

Provincial Seminar on “Interfaith Dialogue and Sustainable Development” was conducted on 14th August 2018 at Kampot province for dialogue between religious groups in this province. There were total 146 participated (16 ladies) from Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Monk, NGOs, DoRC, member of national assembly, at Kampot Diamond, Kampot province. The program was joint cooperated with the Department of Cult and Religion in Kampot province under the support by Danmission. The purspose of the workshop dialogue was to introduce about peace and interfaith living in peace and engage themselves for the sustainable development in their communities; open space for divers faith… Continue reading

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