Peace Research Consolidate 2013-2014

This Peace Research consolidate book was finalize in last week of October, 2014 and had printed out 150 book for distribute to the related partners and stakeholders. Peace Research topics were mainly focuses on Cooperative Social Responsibility and Peacebuilding, Trauma Healing, Border conflict, and Gender equity. The peace research started to announce and select key persons for the training. The key person from other organization was form as Peace Research core team and prepared lesson courses for provide peace concept and research training to twenty participants; sixteen was select to do practical on four fields research topics they select relate… Continue reading

Stories of Change Book

In this year 2012,29 stories of change were collection and printed 250 books and were distribute to IIPC’s network and the related key people during the ACT and IIPC event; to share the effectiveness behavior change of people from diver’s faith transform their negative attitude to positive  behavior . that was reflecting more in the interfaith who use to have fundamental idea to try to understand from other faith by having good relationship with one other.

Training Manual Book

IIPC Training Manual was collected base from the Peacebuilding training and base on the experience directly in the field we are working within the interfaith for peace. We hope, this book will be assist the trainees, facilitator especially the IIPC communities stakeholder or the person that working at communities who work relate to the religious will have concept on how to bring peace to the interfaith peace building.

The book will be introducing you about how to use this book with methods to understanding and facilitate in each lesson such as: try to understanding about conflict, cause of conflict and… Continue reading

The teacher training manual and student book

The teacher training manual and student book were edited by the IEPB team and DCD staff. The edition contains teaching methodology, meaning, terminology, plus results on monitoring and the evaluation workshop during the pilot project.

The final copy of teacher and student book were brought to the DCD specialized group to consult and edit. After receiving the declaration letter for the last edition of these books, we published the teacher and student book as training material. Then, we conducted workshops with the MoEYS and other related ministries.

Workshops with MoEYS were conducted to introduce the new material and asking for… Continue reading

Multi-Approaches to Conflict Transformation

The MACT project has developed a strategy in participation to build the capacity of the local authorities, commune councils and NGOs in Banteay Meanchey, Mondulkiri and  Kompong Chhnang, on the skills involved in the multi-approaches to conflict transformation,  promoting peace building and developing effective methods for conflict resolution in Cambodia as a response to the real problems in communities.

As a result, the hand book manual for the trainer has been developed and published. The hand book is developed for the trainee who has received the training course on the “Multi-Approaches to Conflict Transformation” of the MACT… Continue reading

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