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ASEAN People Forum Nov2017

As government leaders from ASEAN and their dialogue partners convene for the 31th ASEAN Summit and related meetings aid its vaunted celebration of its 50th year of experience in Manila and Clark from 10-14 November 2017, civil society and people’s organizations at the ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN People Forum from 10-14 November, 2017 take a collective stand in demanding an urgent break from the dominance development narrative that has bred economic, social and environmental crises, including extreme inequalities, extensive human rights violations, situations of conflict and violence, and wanton exploitation of natural resources that are overwhelming the region’s ecosystems.… Continue reading

Mr. Mike Christensen, Danmission Intern 2017

That Cambodia is indeed a country enriched with amazing nature and some unusually incredible people, was something I personally experienced last weekend. Alongside 13 members of the Interfaith Initiative for Peace in Cambodia, I participated in a ceremonial celebration of the UN International Day of Peace on 21st of September in southern Cambodia, in Kampot Province. The purpose of the trip was to plant exactly 510 mangrove trees, a unique tree type with an exceptional ability to increase biodiversity in swamps and tidal areas, but let us go into detail with this later.

The trip to Kampot started with… Continue reading

ACT retreat 2-4 Dec 2016


ACT retreat this year started from 2-4 December 2016 at Kep and Kampot province with two boards member, staffs, and some families total 15 pax. The retreat aim to to fellowship and build relationship among ACT staff and the ACT board; to reflect on the current ACT work plan, funding and the challenges in present and future; to see the historical areas of the Cambodia land in nearby the target province. At this time board and staff able to understand more about ACT work by listen to ACT staffs shared their pass work activities and future plan, challenge and success… Continue reading

Pilgrim in Mekong Peace Journey

After the scholar meeting in Cambodia at the end of 2010, Mekong Peace Journey pilot project was formed and I (Sotheavy) was one of the participants from Cambodia for had a chance to join in the Mekong Peace Journey pilot program which held at Ayuthiya town and Sisaket province in Thailand side and at Prash Vihear province in Cambodia side from 21-28 March 2011. Since then the MPJ was keep moving on. With this MPJ involvement I got chance to learn the difference contexts of Mekong counties and understand they are so nice people to make friend with as most… Continue reading

Grand Global Peace Meet

On 20-26 April, 2016 Sotheavy was invited by Sri Ramanuja Maission Trust in India to have inspiring presence in “Grand Global Peace Meet IV” to discuss with think-tanks, civil society representatives and students who are from difference universities in Shillong, Assam, Guwati, and Veda patsala base on the north-east part of India. Sotheavy was share on the perspective of Cambodia situation reflect to the topic of Healing our planet-Eco-sensitivity and remediation, media effect-psychology, influence and ethical track, and Right Education to save from social degeneration”.

Here, In Cambodia, I used to know some concept and practice of the main religion… Continue reading

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