Inter-Ethnic Peace Building Project (IEPB)

Interfaith Training on Do No Harm

Interfaith training was conducted this year on the theme of “Family Reconciliation and the Do No Harm Tool”. The family reconciliation was conducted on the 4th of March and the application training was held on the 5 to 7 March 2018 at ACT office in Phnom Penh. Total 20 participants (8 Women) attended the training including 4 staffs ACT and 16 members of interfaith group from four different provinces such as Kratie, Kampong Cham, Kampong Chhnang and Kampot province. The participants are diverse, from Buddhism, Muslim and Christian and also from Department of Religion and Cult. The training was… Continue reading

Interfaith Peacebuilding Training on NRM Mar2017

Interfaith peacebuilding on natural resources management was conducted training on Human Right and Advocacy training from 24-25 March 2017 at Eden Restaurant with interfaith network from four provinces participated 16 “2 ladies”. The training was to strengthen their capacity on peace and conflict, citizenship participation in social work, and advocate for human right that funded by Danmission.

Signal of Peace and Conflict was led by Ms. Sotheavy, the executive director of ACT in reflect among the participants on Peace and Conflict, type of the conflict, compatibility square, signal show the part of peace and conflict; mental and physical health, environment,… Continue reading

Annual Networks Meeting (ANM) Dec16

Annual Networks Meeting (ANM) was conducted on 17 December 2016 at Sihaknuk vile with total 42 “10ladies” participation from interfaith networks, peace research, and peace journalist. The topic of the ANM this year base on “Non Violent Communication (NVC)” for communities network, researcher, and medias able to understand the theory of the nature of conflict, is tool for them to deal with it in personally, family, and community; for them to observe the issues, release their feeling, needs, and request in positively way. This NVC is part of human beings fundamentally desire to enrich life, to grove-become-learn and help others… Continue reading

Report of Visiting and Providing IEPB Book to Teacher

According the teacher requested to ACT for provide more student and teacher books, the Inter-Ethnic Peace Building project was published 650 student books for provided before formal peace education evaluation and  on August IEPB’s published 400 more of teachers books. In May, 2013 IEPB project was visited and provided 260 teacher books to secondary school teacher in Takeo and Kampong Chhnang provinces. On 09 May, 2013 IEPB’s staff and volunteer was visited and brought teacher book to three secondary schools as Smoung secondary school, Thnol Bambek high school and Baray secondary school. On 16 May, 2013 IPEB’s staff,… Continue reading

Evaluation Workshop (Teachers and Students)

Inter-Ethnic Peace Building Project (IEPB) cooperated with DCD/MoEYS staff conducted an Evaluation Workshop for the teachers who have been trained by IEPB and have integrated peace education in their curriculum. There were two workshops, teachers’ evaluation workshop and students’ evaluation workshops.

  1. Teacher Evaluation Workshop:

The teacher evaluation workshop was organized by IEPB Project on 12th-13rd July, 2012 in Pongroh High School of Chhlong District and Kror Ches Krong School of Kratie town in Kratie Province. There were 22 teachers and 12 were female. These teachers came from 11 different schools in Kratie. During and after… Continue reading

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