Inter-Ethnic Peace Building Project (IEPB)

Monitoring Teacher Implementation

In order to monitor the implementation of peace building in schools, teachers in three provinces were provided with a follow-up workshop to review the school schedules and set up a new plan for integration of peace building concepts into the school curriculum.

After the follow up workshop, all teachers set up a plan for circulation or integration with their students during their daily teaching. To ensure all the concepts are taught in the proper way and to identify strengths, weaknesses and methodologies of integrating peace concept from teachers as well as to find new strategies for follow-up activities, IEPB’s staff… Continue reading

Training on “Provincial Teacher Training” For New Teachers

According to the follow up workshop on 29 December, 2011 at Kompong Chhnang province, IEPB found that 18 teachers (Female: 9) from 15 schools in 8 districts hadn’t attended “Provincial Teacher Training”in order to

Learn the concept of inter-ethnic peace building, yet they had commitment and were willing to continue to integrate peace concepts with the students as they thought this concept is very important.  Because of this, the IEPB team decided to provide them a day training to remind them of the key points and the strategies for integration.  On 16 March, 2012 the IEPB… Continue reading

Follow Up Workshop on Peace Education

On 28-30 March, 04-06, April, and on 20-22, April 2011 the IEPB carried out “Provincial Teacher Training” in Takeo, Kratie and Kampong Chhnang Provinces. There were 94 participants from the three provinces; 31

participants (Female: 12) from 11 schools in 7 districts in Takeo, 31participants (Female: 7) from 20 schools in 5 districts in Kratie province and 32 participants (Female: 15) from 25 schools in 8 districts in Kampong Chhnang province. They were secondary school rectors, social subject teachers, and Khmer subject teachers. After the training finished, all teachers had a strong commitment to integrate all these… Continue reading

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