Interfaith Initiative For Peace in Cambodia (IIPC)

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Interfaith Dialogue on: Peace & Sustainable Development

Provincial seminar on “Peace and Sustainable Development” was conducted on 29th June 2018 at Kampong Chhnang town to open dialogue between religious group in this province to be close and understand each other with their acceptance. The dialogues was engage Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Baddhist Mahayana who are the major religion in the province to participated with total 152 participated (41 ladies). The program was join cooperate from the Department of Cult and Religion in Kampong Chhnang province with the harmonium participated from Chief Sangkat and vice chair of the DoCR whom gave the opening speech.

Welcoming the participants… Continue reading

Interfaith Celebrate International Children Day

Interfaith network at Kampong Chhnang through, interfaith peace building and Natural resource management (IF-NRM) Celebrated International Children’s Day on 01 June, 2018. There were 81 participants with “35 ladies” at Thamyuth pagoda, Kampong Chhnang Town. There were participated from administration post (polices), Sangkat/commune representative, forestry community, community people, religious leaders, students, monks, laypeople, and staffs of DoRC at Kampong Chhnang province. The objective of the network conduct interfaith activities is to promote interfaith for peace to all religious and community especially on the International Children Days with Interfaith tree planting to symbolize the unity and care of the nature… Continue reading

Interfaith Celebrate Visak and Mangrove planting

Interfaith network from Kampot province was conducted the interfaith on National Resources Management and celebrate the Visak day, day of peace on 27th April 2018 with total participates 55 (19 ladies) participated from Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian in Khosh Toch, Orcheak village, Khosh toch commune, Tekchhuos district, Kampot province. Participants compose from local leaders such as commune councils, district chiefs, village chiefs, village leaders and other religious leaders, as well as community leaders with 150 mangrove tree were plant with happy face from the community participation.

The faiths network share about history of the interfaith group from Buddhism, Islam,… Continue reading

Interfaith Training on Do No Harm

Interfaith training was conducted this year on the theme of “Family Reconciliation and the Do No Harm Tool”. The family reconciliation was conducted on the 4th of March and the application training was held on the 5 to 7 March 2018 at ACT office in Phnom Penh. Total 20 participants (8 Women) attended the training including 4 staffs ACT and 16 members of interfaith group from four different provinces such as Kratie, Kampong Cham, Kampong Chhnang and Kampot province. The participants are diverse, from Buddhism, Muslim and Christian and also from Department of Religion and Cult. The training was… Continue reading


After the Interfaith celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week in Prum Metta Thormacheat community forest, Oral district, Kampon Speu province on 3-4 February 2017 the participants from Interfaith, youth, students, NGOs, and others religious leader collected the stories of the community people from February-March 2017 were conduct the study on the concerning of community people land, writing it up, and open launching for the intervention from medias, NGOs, and relate partner on 29 April 2017. The report were print out for the newt Cambodia Celebrate the WIHW from 2-4 February 2018 and update on the situation that happened in the community… Continue reading

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