Interfaith Initiative For Peace in Cambodia (IIPC)

Kampong Chhnang: Interfaith Cooperation

Interfaith network from Kampong Chhnang province was conducted the interfaith workshop on 30th July 2017 with total participates 123 (51 ladies) participated from Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian in Khosh Snay village, Seb commune, Kampong Tralach district, Kampong Chhnang province. The purpose was to bring about divers faith to have more understanding each other with forgiveness and acceptance. As at this area there is conflict among diverse faiths and intra-faith especially in Muslim norm was in a concern issue with the community land conflict with the private company that lead the team to have 200 tree plantings to take the… Continue reading

Kratie: Interfaith ocnducted Tree Planting

How wonderful to see difference faiths sitting together! “said by participants”

On 26th July 2017 Interfaith Network in Kratie province conducted on Naturals Resources Management. There were 115 participants “65 ladies” from difference religious Buddhist, Christian and Muslim with the participated from District chief, police, Commune member villager, and students/youths. The Interfaith Tree planting was conducted in Kiri-Ruka-Naram temple in Ah-Louch village/commune, Chit-Borei district, Kratie province with 300 trees was planted.

District Chief from Chit-Borei Mr. Hang Chandi, Police officers in the district Mr. Pin Phal and Mr. Chhun Sokeng, were welcome the interfaith group who conducted the… Continue reading

Fishes release and tree planting June2017

Teuk Chha Lake is a conservation lake size about 10 hectares. The water in this lake channel too many farmers’ crops and also a place for leisure place as well. Despite conservation, there are still some people who did illegal fishing which affects fish breeding and spawning. The interfaith network in Kampong Cham province was meeting several time among their team before the event with direct communicate to relevant stakeholders and local authority in the area to prepare the interfaith workshop on Tree planting and fish release on 18 June, 2017 at Teuk Chha pagoda, Teuk Chha conservation lake, Prey… Continue reading

Interfaith Network Conducted Peace Day

On 10th May 2017, the interfaith network from Kamport province was conducted the interfaith gathering and mangrove tree planting 500 trees at Fishery TrapangRoPov community, Prek Thnout commune, Teok Chhu district, Kampot province, Cambodia with 69 “21 ladies”.  The network was tried to invite all relate governor and community leader/people to attend and give their contribution and share relate to the improvement and sustain of the community. Ms. Sotheavy, the Executive Director of ACT welcomes and explains the meaning of Visak as the day of PEACE:

The Day of Vesak marks the birth, the Enlightenment and the demise… Continue reading

Community Story on NRM 29Apr17

After conducted the Cambodia Interfaith Harmony Week on 3-4 February 2017 at Metta Nature Forest community, Kampong Speu Province; this year team (ACT, CDPS, CVS, Danmission, ICF, PBO, WGP, YEDP, and URI) was considered in community stories collection from the divers faith participants and the local community who protecting the forest. On 29th April 2017, team able to lunch the  stories with 110 participants (30 ladies) participated and liked to the role of Youth involve in the social works.

At the first stage of the session the communities shared on their community history and their issues/challenges they facing, their… Continue reading
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