Multiple Approaches for Conflict Transformation (MACT)

I-SAF quarterly II activities June 2017

ACT was partner with CARE to provide the capacity building on Implement for Social Accountability (I-SAF) to other CARE partners called Implementing partner in Mondulkiri province in strengthen the capacity for the Community Accountability Framework at ground areas in disseminate the Information for the Citizen, Community Assessment, Community Score Card and so on to improve the social service of Primary school, Health, and Commune. Those implementing partners were IPHIA, MIPAD, KAFDOC, and MVi. Each partner works in one district difference target communes such as MVi target area in Peachreada district on 4 communes, KAFDOC working in Keoseima district on 3… Continue reading

Implementing Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF) 2016

From July-December 2017, after ACT was selected to be partner of CARE Cambodia to work with the Implementing Partners in Mondulkiri province; after received orientation Training of Trainer introduction from CARE, ACT was provide four modules capacity building to MIPAD, MVi, IPHIA, and KADOC organization in Mondulkiri province. The target districts were responsible by local organization in Mondulkiri such as: KAFDOC working base at Keo Siema district, MIPAD working base at Pechreada district, IPHIA working base at Khos Nheak district and MVi working base at Pechreada district. I-SAF training of training of trainer to communities accountability facilitators (CAFs) from Module… Continue reading

I-SAF Training of Trainers in Mondulkiri Province

Implementing Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF) training of trainers were provided to the four LNGOs partners (IPHIA, KAFDOC, MIPAD, AND MVI) and provincial staff including National Committee for Democratic Development (NCDD) staff in Mondulkiri province from August 9-12/23-26, 2016 with total 12 participants “4 ladies”.

The overall structures are: first, Facilitation and Capacity building to identify, mobilize, train, and build the capacity of demand-side actors involved in the I-SAF. Second, Access information and open budgets that help citizens access, understand and use information about the standard, performance and budgets of three essential local public services (i.e. health centers, primary schools, and… Continue reading

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