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Shooting Media for Peace Video

For seeing the incredible increasing of citizen journalists who know less about professional of media and journalist in social media, is making the news in social media become trustless. More then this some good people become a victim in real life because of the short post that less detail in its story also an analyzed comment make the situation become worst. To be a part of awakening citizen behavior and solve this main problem, ACT, non-government organization cooperated with Media for peace networks conducted the educated video about the effect of post and comment in social media in objective to… Continue reading

Media for Peace Trainnigs

Through Media for Peace project, peace journalism and media for peace training were conducted once on 2-3 June 2018 and again on 09-10 June 2018 with 36 participants (11 ladies) from social media activist for them to know about theory of peace, conflict analysis, journalism concept, war and peace journalism and conflict transformation through peace journalism to journalists and social media users, Provide the peace journalism strategies to journalists, social media users and students and to discuss about the way on how to practice or integrate peace journalism in Cambodia Media (print, on air and social media).… Continue reading

Follow up and Alumni Media4Peace

Sharing knowledge, experience, challenges, and the propose for the new initiative ideas  for the improvement of the Media for Peace project activities was conducted on 8th July 2018 with 43 participants (13 ladies) from Journalists and social media activist who had been involved with ACT training and activities since 2013 till present.

Welcome opening conducted by Ms. Sotheavy the Executive Director of ACT about the mission of and goal of ACT is to be part of the development for Cambodian. ACT is non-profit, non-faiths base, non-political bias. She mentioned that ACT currently working contributing to Peacebuilding in Cambodia… Continue reading

Forest and Environment Conservation

Exposure study on “Forest and Environment Conservation” was conducted among the media for peace to Monk Wildlife Sanctuary Forestry, Odormeanchey province on 3-5 May, 2018 with 47 participants (04 females).  For strengthen the relationship and team among media for peace networks (professional journalist and citizen journalist), Learn and understand about forest and environment conservation that lead by Ven. Bun Saluth, Chief’s Monks Community Forestry that win Equator Prize 2012 (Local sustainable development solutions for people, nature, and resilient communities) of United Nations Development Programme, and To connect Media for Peace network to participate in protect and conservation forest.

During… Continue reading

Media for Peace: Celebrate WPFD

Encouraging media to providing information of upcoming national election 2018 process was conducted during the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day on 29 July 2018. The workshop aimed to celebrate the world press freedom day that follow the theme “Keeping Power Checks Medias, Justice and Rule of Law”, remembering the professional journalist and social media activist who are dead / persecuted by their fact and true media content / broadcasted, and the event also shared the two research finding on role of media in providing the information of national election and the media situation in Cambodia. During… Continue reading

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