Peace Journlism

Medias for Peace Training 2018

Media for Peace Training was conducted from 31 March – 1 April 2018 at American Conner, University of South East Asia (USEA) in Siem Reap province to 32 participants (8 ladies) from Journalist and social media. The two days training was share to them relate to the concept of peace and conflict, cause of conflict, conflict analysis tools, conflict style, active nonviolence communication, general view on media for peace, and rule of law relate to media and journalism, peace and war journalism, way to write the good news and angle of news, and discussion of the news network for future… Continue reading

Media4Peace Press Conference

Encouraging the media to get involve in Media for Peace message send to the audients especially during the National Election in 29 July 2018, Alliance for conflict Transformation (ACT) through Media for Peace project cooperated with Ministry of Information (MolFo), Club of Cambodia Journalist (CCJ) and Media for Peace Network (MPN) on 30 January 2018 conducted Press Conference for Peace Journalism Award Announcement on topic “Peace Building through Reporting on the Process of National Election 2018” at Park Café with 31participants (04 Females) that mostly are journalists. This press conference is to announce the award program especially to… Continue reading

MP: Peace and Media’ Security in Cambodia

On 15 December 2017 Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT) through media for peace conducted consultation workshop on “Peace and Security Medias in Cambodia” with 84 participants (08 Females) at Tonlebassac restaurant. The consultation workshop aim to understanding about the process and procedure of all Medias to run their function legally in Cambodia and to provide the opportunity to journalists, media institutions and organizations involves in the process of building peace and making safe/security for all media institutions for Cambodia. The consultation was given speaks by relate representative from Ministry of Information, Ministry of Economic and Finance,… Continue reading

Annual Network Meeting: Ending Violent

Peace Education: Ending Violent is the theme for Annual Networks Meeting this year that conducted from 8th – 11th December 2017 at Bopha Koh Kong hotel to reflect and share the involvement implement in 2017 and find out the recommendation for the future activities with present share on the result of the project evaluation for their input. There were 39 participants (7 ladies) from Media for peace team, Peace Research team, and Interfaith NRM networks from the four provinces and city.

Reflection on the current situation of Cambodia, participants expressed their view in most of the concern on political issue… Continue reading

Media Reflection on Current Situation

Alliance Conflict Transformation Organization (ACT) through Media for Peace project conducted the meeting with Peace Journalism network to update about Media currently situation in Cambodia. The meeting conducted on 31 October 2017 at Park Caffee restaurant with 8 (02 females). The object of this meeting is to update on the media situation and discuss about the questionnaire for conduct the media for peace survey in two topics: On role of journalists and media institution contribute in national election 2018 and the situation of media in Cambodia.
During the meeting we discussed and shared that most of media in Cambodia recently… Continue reading

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