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Media4Peace: Media Consultation Meeting

Media for peace consultation meeting conducted based on the media situation happening during this period from the middle of August until now. The meeting conducted on 10th September 2017 with 21 participants that they’re from 10 difference media institutions in Phnom Penh. The consultation meeting on media situation recently aims to analyze the rout cause of media restrictions, raising on challenges, concern on an issue media encountered and find out the solution,  strategy, collective information and social analysts on the situation of the media to find common approach to solve the current issues recently and future in peacefully way.… Continue reading

Media4Peace: Areng’s Exposure Study

Media for Peace (MP) project conducted exposure study to Areng Valley forest and Chhong community, Thmor Bang district, Koh Kong community. The exposure study conducted from 10-13 August 2017 14 participants (02 females) from media for peace project network on theme “Biodiversity and Forest Protection” to alert media and people keep their eye and action on the Natural Resources Protection. On the way to Areng, participants shared on social issues that they observed in their communities and problem that journalists faced during they went to collect their news for broadcasted. Arrived Thmor Bang district at two pm, we continued about… Continue reading

Alumni Media for Peace and Peace Research

On 23rd July 2017, ACT was conducted the alumni Media for Peace and Peace Research to share good practice and encourage them to be part of Media for Peace principle and Peace Research to apply in their life and keep integrate in their work places. To share the challenges and find out the suitable solution for improving in their practices with built relationship among the Media for Peace and Peace Research in the first bath and second bath 2013-2015 and 2016-2017. The total participants from both project was around 70 participants.

Most of them mentioned they are transforming after… Continue reading

Consultation Workshop:Commune Election2017

The commune election was happened on 4th June 2017 in Cambodia as it’s the 4th commune election mandate. From 20 May to 20 June 2017 Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT) through Media for Peace project surveyed on media relate to the commune election process from 10 medias from 5 national and 5 international institutes. Those institutes were: VAYO FM, VoD, RFI, RFA, VoA, The Cambodia Daily, Rasmei Kampuchea, Koh Santepheap, and DAP news. Among these 10 Medias institution, we collected 151 articles related to politic, human right, and others.

On 23 June 2017, the participant of Media for… Continue reading

Report:Journalist situation in Commune Election4June2017

Report launched on “Situation of Journalist during and after commune election 4June2017”.

English Situation of Journalist during and after the Commune Election 2017

Khmer Situation of Jurnalist beore&after Election2017

Other Medias:

អង្គការក្រុម​ការងារ​ដើម្បី​ដោះ​ស្រាយ​ទំ​នាស់ ​រក​ឃើញ​ថា​ការ​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​ព័ត៌​មាន​ ៣៨​ភាគ​រយ​បង្ក​ប់​ន័យ​ហិង្សា​

អ្នកឃ្លាំមើលបារម្ភពីព័ត៌មានបែបហិង្សា ខណៈការរកឃើញនៅតែមានកម្រិតខ្ពស់



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