Charity work for the Needs

Charity work was happened after exposure study was conducted through Media of Peace Project on 3-5 May 2018 at Odormeanchey, one of Media for Peace  network, Miss Chen Socheata, proposed other network and her friend to make a charity team name “Charity Tourism Team” for collect the donation from national and international to support the children and the monk forest “Rukawant” in Oddormeanchey province. They announce through social media and to friends to prepared the charity donation at the day and goes to A Tao primary school at Odormeanchey. This charity was conducted on 16-18 June 2018 with 13 participants (6 ladies) to seed the reading habit to children, to inspire children on education, to donate study material to 53 students at A Tao primary school in A Tao community, commune, in Samrong District at Odormeanchey province. Also to donate to monks who protect the forest and construct the road to Monk Wildlife Sanctuary Forestry and cultivate the culture of sharing in society. With the present of the represent person from Environment Department of Odormeanchey Province and meet up with Ven. Bun Saluth, Chief’s Monks, at school, they offer the donation to him, also clothes that donate to communities and he bless. Offer books, clothes, pencils, pens, eraser, sharper, colors book and bags to students. Small budget amount were offered to the teachers with T-shirt and teaching material.

ACT appreciate such of good dead and would encourage for local and international continue to support and offer their donation through ACT so that we able to support the communities people whom we target in our development project to have both development and charity work going together.

Please donate direct to ACT or via online:

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How to help?
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