Collective Perspective Election 2018

PeaceResearch on National Election2018 Collective Perspective on Cambodia the 6th National Election July 2018. this report is made by peace research team after they attended in peace research training in early 2016. Peace research team formed team to select topics base on decision of each team to research and collect information to share and to seek intervention from stakeholders in solving the concern and issues facing of Khmer citizens, street children, indigenous and Kampuchea Krom to participate in country development through understanding and strengthening governance of local authorities to support livelihood of Khmer citizens.

This topic is one among other topics of the Peace Research project which selected by the decision made of peace research team together found an idea to study on the Situation of Cambodia National Election in 2018. This will be the topic for study, research and documentation for next generation in future learning and gathering all issues and concern for recommend to governmental leader, stakeholders, and all political parties competed with each other to think and take better action in a dignified and harmonious way for the citizen, especially with regard to national interest.

Research-Report Eng@04Jan2019

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