condition of Cambodian living situation

This report was made by the Peace Research groups after they attended Peace Research training with ACT in early 2016 and had selected the topics based on each group’s decision for future documented and seeking for the solution from relate stakeholder. It reflects the current situation of the Cambodian context and the need for sharing as well as the need for acting together with the related institutions to deal with the concerns and issues found from people about their living situation.

This will be a part of the development of the country via Peace Research, and it will strengthen the governance in the local community for their prosperity. This topic, among other Peace Research topics, was decided by the Peace Research group, who agreed upon the study of: “The condition of the people living in the BoreyCholsa and Kirivong Districts, Takeo province”. It was selected to be the topic for surveying and documenting for the next generation to study and it collected all the concerns from the ground communities to the Cambodian government and the related institutions to deal with. The purpose is to act and intervene upon the found research ​from the people living along the border in the two districts BoreyCholsa and Kirivong, Takeo province, so they are able to live with dignity and harmony. The study after complete the report writing the project staffs, had bring the fining to consult with the local communities two time and with the local communities one time, to follow up and seeking for the commitment respond to the finding found.

Report finding Eng@Nov2018


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