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Sharing knowledge, experience, challenges, and the propose for the new initiative ideas  for the improvement of the Media for Peace project activities was conducted on 8th July 2018 with 43 participants (13 ladies) from Journalists and social media activist who had been involved with ACT training and activities since 2013 till present.

Welcome opening conducted by Ms. Sotheavy the Executive Director of ACT about the mission of and goal of ACT is to be part of the development for Cambodian. ACT is non-profit, non-faiths base, non-political bias. She mentioned that ACT currently working contributing to Peacebuilding in Cambodia through Interfaith Peacebuilding on NRM, Implement Social Accountability, Peace Research, and Media for Peace projects that mostly work to strengthen their capacity to engage in peace building work through their individual contribution to this society via their good and morality act.  We learnt Peace and conflict and known a lot of hidden violent that hard to see the people tricky when the hidden not able to show up. People must try very hard to do good rather than do bad so let try together for our society.

Groups sharing were classed by each topics1: Effect of Media in Economy-In the discussion they found the issues are broadcast without code ethic, broadcast without control from institution, lack of inspiring broadcast of local products, lack of legal liability of products or service that broadcast, lack of transparency of broadcast news from main sector (organization and privacy), fund challenging of media and journalist and cooperation of organization sector and privacy sector. Solutions for the better improvement: broadcast without political trend, clarify news (have clear sources, implement with profession code of ethic respect, have a clear angle, don’t have powerful/political trend, think about common benefit and respect to press law and other involved law.

Topic II: Effect of Media and Political – media and journalist are having a hard time to work from ruling party, especially in this situation (6th national election), social media was pressured from the ruling party especially inter-ministry take action on fake news which is the reason that the voice in social media was decrease because they afraid threat, new laws (Ex: Law criticizes the king) have very restrict point to put the pressure on the press freedom, journalism is under politic/powerful trend, media sector was watched, fake news was increase in social media and less of independent news. Solutions: when broadcast the sensitive news journalist needs to have reference (like recording of speech person….), journalist can change the type of information from news to report, journalist needs to send the request application avoid being out of law of press and broadcast in step (don’t broadcast the whole story but portion of it and monitor).

Topic III: Effect of Media and Culture-traditional-religion– discrimination among journalist with other religion beside their religion, broadcast the news that make the religion down, small issue everyone shared and shared so in Khmer society either outsider think through only bad way to religion that make the internal conflict increase. Solutions: journalist need to think about common benefit and participating cut down discrimination, broadcast the fact news and independent, respect code of ethic, ministry need take attention on fake and war journalist and make education video to educate people relate to culture-traditional-religion.

Topic IV: Effect of Media and Society: accuse other, use power to oppress journalist and media and not fair, power bigger then law, practices in different standard on law and increase corruption, loss of freedom, journalist and media was oppress, journalist and media loss of right to their own will. Solutions: political must understand the circumstances, fair and independent law and ask the opinion of journalist and eliminate the corruption, enforce the law to decrease personal power, need independent court, create the lawyer association for journalist and when journalists doing wrong must use the press law not criminal code to trial.

Topic V: Effect of Media and Social Security– negative effect to the safety of journalist and information provider, effect to the collection of information of journalist, press freedom is falling down because they was pressured by powerful person, non-professional journalist is increase, lake of clarify the news because the security is low so they can’t collect full information that the reason make citizen loss their believe in media, media and journalist broadcast the war journalism it’s make the violence in society, effect to individual right, make unbalance in society. Solutions– need cooperation from authority and other partners to make secure for journalist, journalist need to respect professional journalism, need to control the news that about to broadcast, make a short video for educate citizen to acknowledged the professional of journalist, government need to independent to make the law of press for collect the news and journalist need to be careful by themselves when go to collect news.

Closing remark mark given by Ms. Sotheavy, Executive Director of ACT appreciates for the participants who participate actively in the process. ACT will bring all suggestion and ideas propose to develop and make for future plan to improve the work of ACT. These mentioned comment is not critic but for the improve of this society and ACT hope all medias and journalist will join hand to engage for good cooperation and working more contribute to true and fair media for this country. Let’s us walk, think, speak, and act in just!

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