Forest and Environment Conservation

Exposure study on “Forest and Environment Conservation” was conducted among the media for peace to Monk Wildlife Sanctuary Forestry, Odormeanchey province on 3-5 May, 2018 with 47 participants (04 females).  For strengthen the relationship and team among media for peace networks (professional journalist and citizen journalist), Learn and understand about forest and environment conservation that lead by Ven. Bun Saluth, Chief’s Monks Community Forestry that win Equator Prize 2012 (Local sustainable development solutions for people, nature, and resilient communities) of United Nations Development Programme, and To connect Media for Peace network to participate in protect and conservation forest.

During the trip, media for peace participants share about the social challenges and also recall the peace journalism peace concept. The facilitator leaded a debate on “The Usefulness of Peace Journalism” and split them into two groups: group 01 supported the topic team and group 02 is the reject team. During this debated we found that the participant is really understand about the peace and war journalism and they can looking for good example for debated each other’s. Each group, seem like they really serious feeling in going through lesson that they learn from ACT and the debate is going smoothly. In the night time on May 3, 2018 the facilitator leaded the team role play relate activities for team building and reflection themselves to connected with media.

The next day May 4, 2018 them were lead to visit Monk Wildlife Sanctuary Forestry to learn about his experience and the activity of Ven. Bun Saluth about the history, profile, problems and issues, cooperation, and how can he successes to protect the forest and wildlife in his community. Answer the question were asked “why do you throw all value things even your life to protect this forest?” and meaningful answers sense of sensation was received from him as: “Because I’m Khmer, I’m not born to burden the world. I need to do something to become a benefit for Cambodia, the world and religion.”

Later on they were took community boats to expose the forest which has the represent of director and staffs of Environment Department of Odormeanchey Province, solders and communities. During the boats exposure the director of Department of Environment of OMC shared about the plan of this tourist place that make more attractive and form small island. During our visits, the reporter and social media users taken this chance to interviewed the director of provincial environment about the strategy to protect this place to be ecotourism. In the evening Mr. Phoung Lina and one of Provincial Environment department come to share about the benefit from the Monk Forest and also join us the exposure reflection specially drawn the picture that connect media task with the natural resources management. Thing that participants most interested in this exposure: Mr. Kamsan said “the media for peace debated make gain more knowledge and more understand on media for peace. In this trip is a chance to learn about the hardness of Ven. Bunsaluth engaged in protect the wild life forest sound successfully in this province. Ms. Phea Malyda student of DMC said “I really thank to ACT that gives an opportunity for me to join this exposure study and I know a lot about forest and wildlife conservation also Carbon selling; especially know how to report the news, one more is strengthen our relationship to be more closely to each other. Mr Kong Oudom the reporter of Vayo FM promise to spreading out his report related to his trip and also committed to integrate peace concept to spreading out for public audience.

បើ​តាម​មន្ត្រី​មូលដ្ឋាន​ប្រាប់ថា ទំនប់​ស្ទាក់​ទឹកស្ទឹង​ស្រែង​២ ត្រូវបាន​បង្កើតឡើង​ដើម្បី​ទប់​ទឹក​ប្រើប្រាស់ ។…

Posted by VAYO FM RADIO on Friday, May 18, 2018

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