Grand Global Peace Meet

On 20-26 April, 2016 Sotheavy was invited by Sri Ramanuja Maission Trust in India to have inspiring presence in “Grand Global Peace Meet IV” to discuss with think-tanks, civil society representatives and students who are from difference universities in Shillong, Assam, Guwati, and Veda patsala base on the north-east part of India. Sotheavy was share on the perspective of Cambodia situation reflect to the topic of Healing our planet-Eco-sensitivity and remediation, media effect-psychology, influence and ethical track, and Right Education to save from social degeneration”.

Here, In Cambodia, I used to know some concept and practice of the main religion such as Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim in Cambodia but there in India I learn some of their culture in Hindu practice. People at the North-East beautiful in keeping their own culture and tradition respect their religion. Moving from places to another was take around 5 hours to reach the Ashram which I found there was supported by the local community and the mission to the children and remote area people. They live with calm and peaceful environment with the nature and tea plantation around the area in supporting each other’s.

It’s was my great honor to know and be with Pro. Sri Chaturedi Swamiji’s trip for these following day, who not only the spiritual leader but famous in provide education/speech in general knowledge, academics in high level philosophical topic. It’s wonderful to meet and leant from Ocean Ambassador Ms. Cynthia Carvajal from US is one of the speaker for the healing our planet. Hosted families, I had been visited and other follower of the Swami, they so sincere regarding to their religion for warm welcome the visitors and well received to stay at their house.


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