Hydropower Dam Launch

Peace Research Launching presentation on “Community Concerns on Sambo Hydropower Dam” was conducted on 28th October 2017 at TonleBassac II with 48 participants “17 ladies” from local communities in Kratie province, Monks, NGOs staffs, company’s staff, teachers, and students from university. To share their finding found from 7-10 September 2017 in BeoungChar commune, Sambo district, Kratie province; listen to the local communities from BeoungChar shared their concern and seeking for the intervention from relate stakeholder and government.

Welcome by Executive Director of ACT, Ms. Sotheavy and peace research team present their finding with the video interview from the local community people and bring flow to the eight local community people to share their concern on Hydropower dam plan to build by the company, illegal fishery, illegal logging, agriculture, and other miss conduct of the services provided to this community people to have the health, education, infrastructure and other social offer for the people to live in dignity. The research report was accepted by the commune chief 99.99% corrected. Question and answer were open for participants to ask the community to specific more on their situation and they commit to have for further contact for the assist of the commune map draw in the future as the statistic from the government and what community known before is different number.

Communities from BeoungChar commune was concerns losing their land, field for plantation, field from their cattle, fish from their river getting loss, loss forest for plantation, loss forest from their next generation, loss forest for their ancestor and flood their home and land.

Peace Research member shared his concerns after met the local communities during his interview there “if the plan implemented then the people will face terrible life as they are suffer so far”.

Participants who work base on Mekong river from Steoung Treng province was raise this issue is responsible mainly the government must take action on the intervene affectively to the illegal fishery and logging. The government should honestly research and analyst careful on the investigation and doing good practice for good model for the governing from subnational and national well. They also suggest the government must not build hydropower dam along the Mekong river that affect to the flow of the fish from place to place.



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