I-SAF’ Stories of Change

The stories of was collected with the support from CARE Cambodia under the support from EU to collect any interesting in the ISAF project implementation from 2016-2018 among the Communities Accountability Facilitators (CAFs) and local authorities for their understanding and how they engaged in their improvement of the communities to transforming their communities to be better lives in four district in Ou-Reang, Pechreada, Kaoh Nheak, and Kaev-Seima district in Mondulkiri province with 32 participants stories from CAFs and supply side from the three services of the local government who engage, implement, and support for this project process.

I-SAF’ stories of Change was collective for recording about the experience, lesson learnt and situation among the Communities Accountability Facilitators (CAFs) who engage in the Implementing Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF) expression from what they learn and gain from the project within the target province in Mondulkiri who ACT working with. Since 2016-2018 ACT able to work with implementing partner (IPs) and CAFs who are the Bunong indigenous people in Mondulkiri province to engage them in the improvement of the social work responsible. So far ACT had been collected and reflected only among the CAFs whom conduct dissemination the I-SAF activities in this target province; ACT I-SAFs technical team work was keep collect the stories of change to show the interested and the understand the situation of their experience in this important work to support the lives of the communities people to have the right services provided by the government for them to live with dignity, peace, and harmony.

ISAF Case Study Aug18


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