I-SAF Training of Trainers year3

Implementation Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF) Training of Trainers this year was conducted from 15-18 February 2018 at Pichda hotel, Senmonorom, Mondulkiri province with participation from implementing partners of CARE-EU who base in Mondulkiri province such as: IPHEA, MVi, MIPAD, and KAFDOC with the representative from the provincial officer and the three service departments (Health, Education, and commune) attended including the relate NGOs partner of CARE SILAKA attended in total 18 participants jointed.

At the first day of the training Ms. Sotheavy the Executive Director give welcome introduction part to the partners and thank to CARE-EU who funding for this project to be part of development to improve the social service and strengthen the local community involvement in the social issue. Group discussion on general issue of the post on were talked after the introduce of each participants. group dramatize on the inception meeting were present and act by the participants and give the comment for the improvement of the next implement with the community of the Implementing partners. Follow up JAAP have to conduct every month for this year by implementing partner with CAFs and community. JAAP community should review and update it to be work out.

Implementing partners raise that this activities were not still have good cooperation from the commune and District officers who respond on the I-SAF and they not only give cooperation but they threatening community and the implementers or CAFs who implementing this project not to do it or announce to community not to join with this. This is their concern, seem the gap still big and not understand from the focal person from the district or commune not understand this.  I4C awareness and post on was discussed on the meeting and guiding for the information to print it out for the implementing partners.

Citizenship monitoring was introduced the process of the monitoring by the service receiver and providers how the citizenship join practice, in score card, and the process of giving score. Eight table was instructed to the  participants via table1: identify the criteria, table 2: score card, table3: limit criteria propose activities, table4: compare the evaluation result for the service provider and receiver, table5: list priority of the service provider and receiver, table6: agreed activities of each three service, table7: priority cooperative activities (outside), table8: join action accountability plan (priority from the three services from outside and join priority all three services).

Discussion on M&E tool and report form from CARE were consulted with the partners from internal evaluation by CARE. Training needs assessment lead by SILAKA for the Monitoring and Evaluation assessment to the partners in Mondulkiri province. Questionnaire follow up on the M&E was sent via email to each NGOs leader and some part of the hard copy were fill it up by the technical staffs during the training. Oral interview were conducted face to face with the partners to clarify the process of the M&E from each partners.

Mondulkiri partners suggested to SILAKA to help in develop the M&E format that more in series and ongoing of each activities and more easy for them to fill it in so that each partner able to fill it up but by form not by online as the internet is not available in their area and electricity also not enough and available all the time. They also suggested to send them back the consolidate M&E report back for them to see the overall result of the M&E. As so far after they send to CARE they not able to receive it back how it was. Review on the monthly and annual report oriented to participants technical staffs make it correctly and on time with working plan for this year February-August 2018 so that each partners able to schedule that relevant to ACT to assist them if some of them needed. The participants were clarify the letters and other relate information to province and district for the informing local authority to acknowledge their work. ACT thanks for the participants, donors, government (supply side) and partner for their participated and hope they will cooperate for this year activities more smoothly with implementing partners and CAFs. #I-SAF

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