IF Provincial Seminar

The Interfaith Provincial Seminar was conducted in Kampongcham, Kampot, KampongChhnang, and Kratie province with total 600 interfaith participants from Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian by cooperated from the Department of Cult and Religion and the interfaith network based in each provinces in conduct the seminar under the support from Danmission.

The program were provide the open speak and welcome from the provincial governor, the Department of Cult and Religion and ACT. Sharing session on the “Peace and Sustainable Development” was introduced by ACT’s Executive Director Ms. Sotheavy and the interfaith dialogues were presented by each faith and open for the Q&A from all faith to understand each other more and how each faith teaching to educate their members in morality way of living as good citizen in Cambodia.

Faiths groups discussion were open for each faith to discuss on their involvement of social works and how each of the faiths institution engage in peacebuilding and sustainable development work in their communities. Many issue in their communities were raise such as: discrimination, power grabbing in their structure, land issue, domestics violence, education, livelihood facing, trafficking, drug issue, and other relate social issue.  At the same time they also shared their engagement in educate the youth, children, women, and men on education, lives skill, and any possibility of work they able to support base on their faiths availability.

Participants from difference faith feel delighted and impress to join such unity among faith and able to share what they had been done so far and their concern to each other to be understand their situation. Most of them suggested to ACT keep continue for such of this useful program activities for them to be able to work more with other faith and build peaceful in communities.

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How to help?
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