ACTION Asia is a network of individuals and organizations in the Asia continent committed to action for conflict transformation through the sharing of skills, knowledge, experiences and resources. ACTION Asia carries a vision of a world of justice and peace, where basic needs are met and dignity and human rights are respected.

The third Action Asia Peacebuilders’Forum was held from 19 to 23 October at the Meta Karuna Reflection Centre in SiemReap, Cambodia and was hosted by the Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT).

The ACT did a marvelous job of making all participants felt warmly welcomed, exposed to the Khmer culture, tradition and historical sites, and most importantly helped made the forum a meaningful experience for everyone. Sixty members and guests participated, including representatives from ACTION Global who came from Africa, Central America and Europe. This year’s Forum carried the theme: Transforming our Roundedness for Peace.

The Forum was an opportunity for Action Asia members to share experiences, learning and success stories in the pursuit of peace as well as nurture relationships, revitalize and strengthen commitment