BCSD is working to promote the role of monk in contribution to social work of this program is not to serve political purpose but to mainly focus on humanity, harmony, peace, and social justice which reflected to existing culture in Cambodian society. As a peace practitioner and through the stated idea, the BCSD had discussed face-to-face with the Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT), Prum viheator in Koh Kong, Buddhism for Development, and Mlob Preahthor association. The propose discussion is to set a common doable action plan that we can do together as we have potential resource and capacity both physical and psychological, finance and skill.


  • Prumviheathor consists network and community run the program in South-West.
  • Buddhism for Development has network and com munity run the program in West-North.
  • Mlob Preahthor has big network and monk community in the entire country especially
  • mainly in the central part of Cambodia such as Phnom Penh, and North-South
  • ACT has network of human resource as a trainer who promote:
  • Multiple Approaches to Conflict Transformation
  • Peace Building
  • Non-violence, and inner-peace