Interfaith Celebrate International Children Day

Interfaith network at Kampong Chhnang through, interfaith peace building and Natural resource management (IF-NRM) Celebrated International Children’s Day on 01 June, 2018. There were 81 participants with “35 ladies” at Thamyuth pagoda, Kampong Chhnang Town. There were participated from administration post (polices), Sangkat/commune representative, forestry community, community people, religious leaders, students, monks, laypeople, and staffs of DoRC at Kampong Chhnang province. The objective of the network conduct interfaith activities is to promote interfaith for peace to all religious and community especially on the International Children Days with Interfaith tree planting to symbolize the unity and care of the nature among divers faith.

The program have introduced about workshop agenda in detail, objectives, and composition of participants by Mr. Sam Ang member of interfaith group and officer of DoRC and share a bit about the background of how interfaith need to work on to eliminate discrimination among divers faith and build one community for peace. Mr. Chom SamAng is officer from DoRC told that; On behalf of the Department of Cult & Religion in Kampong Chhnang, we have contributed a lot in the promotion, mediation through each religion conflict resolution and promote interfaith peace building in province.

Ms. Sotheavy director of ACT was introduction of history of ACT’s project and networking with other faith such as United Religion Initiative who also care on faith harmony in a globe and also celebrate the event on faith relate to social Issues such as eliminate violence again women and children and today is day that many countries on the world celebrate the Children Day, Cambodia today also taking care and contribute to build up child right for their better living by provide peace education to the parents to take good care of their child. This ICD was first announced by the United Nations on November 20, 1959 to encourage children right to be lifted up and widely concern for their rights to lives and avoided forms / type of violence against children in this society. We also not forget our donor Danmission who always support ACT for the Interfaith program so far since 2013 till end of 2018 and she encourage if the interfaith project of ACT end in this year, ACT hope each interfaith networks group from the four provinces which used to involved in such amazing interfaith work to bring difference faith to be harmony still keep on going and able to keep more activities to respond to their community without ACT support.

Mr. Mom Chanthat, vice chairman of 2nd Commune from Sangkat Bpear, Krong Kampong Chhnang told that “He welcome all guest and participants in this event as is important which interfaith group formed by ACT think about the interfaith and natural resource management project was celebrate this events it’s really beneficial event for building peace for this community. Peace is really important for all who living in community together and is not only one religious. So, he thank for ACT and interfaith network group who prepared this workshop; And opened for event.

Mr. Man Mat is representative from Muslim told that: “to celebrate International Children Rights, Muslim’s children were compared as flower because flower is can make everyone love and beautify in their homes. In Koran, care has been taken for children since 1900, requiring pregnant women to receive care and attention in the care of their families. Pregnant women were much care for the birth of the children be born with healthy and good, from birth children has to breastfeed for at least two years as tough in Islam religion. Islam in Arab is mean peace and peace comes only when there is love, when people have love, and a lot of bless, then peace will occurred both in the family and in the community”.

Ms. Sang Sim, Schac-Sor forest community told that: natural resources are vital for humanity because it able to provide shelter and breath well for all wildlife, and a sources of income for the community. Despite the difficulties of care, the community continues to protect and preserve community forests because it can be great benefit to our next generation. By joining today, encourage participants from all religions to maintain and protect the importance of natural resources to their fellow religious.

Mr. Bun Kimsan is Police post: presented about rule and regulation on violent against women and children by illustrate in the printed flip chart on the impact of GBV and how to eliminate those violent to the community participants.

Participants was enjoy the event and join tree planting for the unity of the faith in care of nature for the next generation of our children.

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