Interfaith celebrate National fish Day

On 01 July, 2017 interfaith networks at Kampong Cham through, interfaith peace building and Natural resource management (IF-NRM) celebrated event “national fish day” on topic interfaith peacebuilding on Natural Resources Management at Toulov pagoda,Tmorbeak village, Svayteab commune Chamkar Leu district Kampong Cham Province. There were 95 participants with “35 ladies” participated from religious leaders, teacher, students, monks, Islam, Christian, and officers of DoRC Kampong Cham province, and district officers from Kamkaleu, Prey Chhor and Steong Trong district. The objective is seeking for the participation to stop deforests and concern on natural resources with celebrates the International Fishery Day.

Welcoming the participants by Ms. Srey Sotheavy, Executive Director of ACT background and our work till present. The project of Interfaith Peace Building and Natural Resource Management (IF-NRM) was start in 2013 which provided capacity building to interfaith religious, local commune, officer of DoRC, and community leaders for working relate NRM among interfaith in their provinces. She also thanks to Department of Cult and Religion in Kampong Cham who always cooperate with the work of Interfaith Network and ACT work so far and interfaith in this province was observed very better situation. From end of 2018 the project end so ACT hope that the network and especially the officer of the DoCR still working on such of co-existing work among divers faith. She thanks to donor Danmission who always support the ACT works for the community.

Ven, Yi Seanghai, deputy chief of Chamkar Leu district who said that; thank so much to ACT for make this interfaith program which participated from Buddhist, Islam, Christian is the first  program in Chamkar Leu district to have such gathering to understand each other and do some good things together. Fish release, in Buddhism is called “give freedom” do not persecute other life event nature or animals; this is the Buddhist teaching. Trees Planting, the Buddha was born in the forest under the tree, the Enlightened, and died under the tree. In Buddhism, we values the environment, preserving the environment and forest. Please raise height of consciousness in environmental protection. Respect each other with compassion, do not persecute, do not hate one another, not discriminated, these are the building of peace in the world.

Ptr. Ester, Christian pastor district said that in Christian God teach people to followed the Bible that teaches us to love the trees, let us do good, help each other, love each other. This program I am very happy for participate as it is also the first time for religious participations. For her interfaith is very important for the country and the world. Because the program makes each religion a community, understand each other, create a relationship in the workplace in society, working together to build peace among faiths is lovely act.​

Mr, Mat Saman is represents Islam in the district, thank for your solidarity between interfaith there’s a lot of fun together so far with the supportive from faiths to faiths. In the Koran bible stated educate people do good and walk in good paths is the blessing. Keep away from evil thing is what Alah God’s will. We must obey the laws of our living in this society because we live in a lawful state, the three religions today are also stated by law and accepted by law. I joint with peace build and take care community have peace in the country have education growth and survival.

Mr. Sopal from DoCR sheared about International Day for Fish and fish release and tree planting is part of the reminding us to take care all nature around us. Ideas in faith teaching is good to learn and teach people to do well and love each other. Today we are release fish abut 15, 000 fishes and 50trees with the three religion: Buddhist, Islam, and Christian that show the example of good practice but not only this time and today let keep doing it for the rest of the life on. We all have to stay away from the drug, at the temples, schools, no matter where we are away get away from the drug.

Mr. Chea Saret, member of interfaith group and officer of DoCR shared about interfaith had been love each other and support each other in this areas as humanitarian work. Today we have made it in order for all religions to be together, to keep such good deed to each other in any times, especially those who are students should have good practice as you all are next generation. in the past, we never saw Islam entering the pagoda, and Christianity entered the pagoda and the monks entered the mosque or Christian church, but now we saw it in the field of ours community that show we all not discriminate or decided but we live in one communities event we believed in difference faiths. In 2017, we were in the church of Christian, inviting monks and Muslims to join the church in Stung Trong district, Kampong Cham province what we did is to see the inter-religious program work out as a good example that we all want to see peace building.

With interview with Mr. Ho Chanthou, chief of Dam#5 February community said that: in this community have 6 hectares, 09 committees and 200 people. This community has great benefits to members here such as; planting vegetable on community land, fish rising or frogs rising in the pool on the surface of the water, take some fish for family meals, and water the crops or paddies around the community’s lakes. The lack around this community is the place for the fish eggs that increase the natural resources of fish life for people inside and outside the community. But the challenge here is that the community is less caring and involved in protection. I really happy for this program because able show and teach the community about the important of natural resource all people and to understand and know about the important of people participated with protect environment and natural resource.

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