Interfaith Celebrate Visak and Mangrove planting

Interfaith network from Kampot province was conducted the interfaith on National Resources Management and celebrate the Visak day, day of peace on 27th April 2018 with total participates 55 (19 ladies) participated from Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian in Khosh Toch, Orcheak village, Khosh toch commune, Tekchhuos district, Kampot province. Participants compose from local leaders such as commune councils, district chiefs, village chiefs, village leaders and other religious leaders, as well as community leaders with 150 mangrove tree were plant with happy face from the community participation.

The faiths network share about history of the interfaith group from Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity in Kampot province and raise up about the Visak day the day of Buddhist born, enlighten and died; this Visak day also count as the peace day of United Nation. The team also introduce the benefit of the work they are doing relate to nature and environment with the children for educate them to understanding of good care of nature in the future and promote inter-religious engagement for the protection of natural resources.

Mr, Khen Dorn, president of the interfaith from Department of Cult and Religion in Kampot province, welcomed all participants, Interfaith network and introduce the interfaith network group in Kampot work since 2012 till now. The four of us worked together on interfaith activities relate Natural Resources Management and other interfaith share and dialogue in the communities. Yes, we are happy to see Brothers and sisters joining together to make this program work out, let us all take care of the mangrove forest planted in the community. In order for the community to be beautiful, reach of nature lives, and long last sustain that need all of us take part in protecting each other for our community.

Mr, Kang Von, district council member and part of the interfaith group shared about the importance of the flooded mangrove areas as we already know that the flooded forest is a hive of fish, shelter, shrimps and other birds that are environmentally friendly in our community. We fishery community can survive depend on the flooded forest, such as raising fish and creating tourist attractions to attract international and domestic visitors. So let all of us take care flooded forest to preserve the newly mangrove forests we grow today.

Mr, Ouk Tre, Community Leader thanked ACT and the interfaith network in supporting for the development and environment care of their community. With the participation of, village chief, and network in Kampot, we are like brothers and sisters in the community. Working together for our community and for our next generation in the future. Continue to protect flooding forests or mangrove forests which is the habitat for fish, fish, squid, and other animals and strives to develop this community in a bright future. To make achievements for the next generation. And continue to cooperate with the local authority here to prevent the destruction of the flooded jungle and protect the interests of the community.

Ven, Ouk Ravuth, said to all the participants to think long term of mangrove benefit with action taking care of mangroves forest in the Khos Toch community, we take care of this flooded jungle to be a part of the community. Venerable  encourages participants to cooperate with one another for the future life are sustained.

Mr, Pal Sambo is the second deputy of commune chief  very glad to have opportunity in joined such the program like this. With this environment sustainable work he committed to protect the mangrove forest, when we take care of it well, it creates an animal shelter, fish, shrimp, etc. All of this is important of supporting each other in mangrove forests and human. I hope the people in this community have a strong commitment to safeguarding on the forest we grow today.

Mr, Pok Choun, commune councilor, spoke to the community let the community here help each other to take care of the flooded mangrove forest for future. Let’s us all join the mangroves today. Love forest is love life.

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