Interfaith Dialogues in Kampot province

Provincial Seminar on “Interfaith Dialogue and Sustainable Development” was conducted on 14th August 2018 at Kampot province for dialogue between religious groups in this province. There were total 146 participated (16 ladies) from Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Monk, NGOs, DoRC, member of national assembly, at Kampot Diamond, Kampot province. The program was joint cooperated with the Department of Cult and Religion in Kampot province under the support by Danmission. The purspose of the workshop dialogue was to introduce about peace and interfaith living in peace and engage themselves for the sustainable development in their communities; open space for divers faith for dialogue and living together in harmony, and build relationship between religion and religion, with sustainable development.

Mr, Nak Yitho, chief of Department of Cult and Religion in Kampot province welcome to all participants and share about the work in the department related to the religion with instructed to all religion institution to keep cooperate and coming close with the department in implementing their work in this province. He mentioned that all religious leaders in this province has no any major conflict and if there is, the staff of the department take their action to deal those issue on time and successfully with the integrate of the method of conflict intervention and resolution from what ACT offer to the department staffs so far.

Ms. Sotheavy, Executive Director of ACT also share about the works of ACT and presentation about peace and conflict, faith extremism, role of the citizen in social accountability and the governance in all levels.

Presentation shared about the interfaith engage in Peace and Social Development for Sustainable was give flow to the each religious leader from Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian to share their so far work in contributing the work to the social development. Question and answer was give flow to all participants to clarify with many doubt to other faith.

Group discussion were split to each represented faith: Buddhist group contribute to peace and environment, conserve and preserve the forest Participate in charity without discriminating against other religions educate people to behave well. Create a library for monks to learn about religion. Support those who have house fired, provide gifts to flooded people and create an additional learning place without charge from people in the pagoda. Contributing to planting trees in communities, contribute to cleaning the environment educate gangsters in the community.

Islam group contribute to peace and environment, teaching Islam people to do good don`t have discrimination, teaching all faith to care natural resources and participate​ or distribute what they have to offer to the poor, join planting trees and clean the Environment, teach community about how to do proper sanitation, helping the poor in rural areas in their educate about social work and environmental awareness.

Christine group contribute to peace and environment by teaching youth about social development and love environment assist orphaned children, build bumping wells in areas where there is no clean water, Assist in education in remote primary schools, Established a program of religious and religious education, Develop community tree planting programs, teach community about the importance of forest.

Question and answers were actively ask and clarify.

At the evaluation the participants from the representative of the three faith were impress their felling in join with this provincial seminar: Ven Bun Chantha said to participants came here to get me a lot of knowledge from different religions and make us know about Buddhist, Islam and Christian and made a clear understanding of the issues and solidarity in the village after we got to know each other and eliminate discrimination against each other and understand the principles of different religions.

Mr, Ly Sary, member of Senator who was invited to give closing note said to participants today we attended this interfaith workshop, it makes us recognize each other and understand the creeds of each religion to avoid discrimination because all humans are in need so we have a relationship to different religions because if we do not communicate, it will make us lack in communication and good relationship, so let’s all join together to helping our society to grow faster to walk in the neighboring country. He take to ACT and back donor to continue to support such the interfaith work like this to be existing.

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