Interfaith Peacebuilding Training on NRM Mar2017

Interfaith peacebuilding on natural resources management was conducted training on Human Right and Advocacy training from 24-25 March 2017 at Eden Restaurant with interfaith network from four provinces participated 16 “2 ladies”. The training was to strengthen their capacity on peace and conflict, citizenship participation in social work, and advocate for human right that funded by Danmission.

Signal of Peace and Conflict was led by Ms. Sotheavy, the executive director of ACT in reflect among the participants on Peace and Conflict, type of the conflict, compatibility square, signal show the part of peace and conflict; mental and physical health, environment, security, social and political, and justice system. Strategic cycle was introduced to participants to be aware of the leadership in supporting their communities. Community peace building (10 points effectiveness of reconstruction), how to find opportunities and overcome in working together in the community, good governance and democracy, by reflection with assign the participants to write on their personal/individual change and community change.

For the behavior change the participants committed to:

  • Change their mindset that they used to thinks he has power over the other and never committed wrong and accept other ideas.
  • Change their bad behavior such as using impolite words to persons which under their subordinate
  • Change their habits ​that want other doing for their favor
  • Committed for self-responsible; Try to control anger on others; Patient
  • Contribute to social work
  • Stop committed bribery to civil servants
  • Change behavior and be part of corruption reduce in society
  • Committed to fasten the social service to people
  • Committed to reduce individual selfish to care of other in public
  • Committed to maintain accuracy in the community
  • Reduce and try to give up all greed, hatred and furious
  • Committed to stop using bad word in solving conflict and doing in neutrally way
  • Committed to be hard working and industrious
  • Stop complaining, discrimination, to be patience and tolerance
  • Reduce proud behavior that look down other people
  • Committed to come on time.

For community change:

  • Change behavior of hatred the other parties or leader in the communities.
  • Want to see the community participation for community development especially on NRM
  • Want to see the community participation in accountability and transparency.
  • Eliminate the particism that affect to community benefit
  • Cooperate and participate in social justice for non-violence community
  • Input idea for the improvement of the community
  • Respected law and enforce other regulations
  • Join observation in social implementing to reduce the inappropriate thing

Multiculturalism was led by Ms. Chanthea on what is the culture and pluralism? The definition of cultural pluralism, reflection on the pictures of faith and nationalism pluralism, reasons leading to cultural pluralism, policy of others country who supported in multicultural (equality, responsibilities, and benefits), and positive and negative of ​ cultural pluralism. Mr. Yurn Kunthea was shared on build communication and networking with video clip reflection and pictures for have more idea in working as individual or group.

Session on Human rights was facilitation by Mr. Son Chum Chuon, program director at KKKHRDA the lesson on: background, theory, relevant legal norms in the Cambodia, reflection on the respect for human rights in Cambodia; example such as the economic land concession, forced evictions without adequate compensation, The threat of political parties, implementation of the judicial system in Cambodia, and the arrest of human rights activist imprisoned without error. Mr. Bo Poa YEDP director was led on advocacy; the reason that led to the advocate for errors thing in community with the 5 steps of successful advocacy; (explicitly targeted, who make decisions, set put pressure, messengers, set the message or content) activity of advocacy, role of advocate, and properties of advocates.

Mr. Ly Ash mat, chief of the Muslim association at Kampot province said: He’s very interested in the training course because it was strengthen capacity of interfaith networks at target area. To reflection of participants on activities which practice the previous and commitment to change to future for better practice.

Ms. Sang Sim, chief of forestry community at Kampong Chhnang said: She interest and satisfied for all of these lessons in the training because in the community forestry they met more challenge with powerful persons and company that abuse on communities land forestry. This is a strategic for finding relation for her community. She promised to take all experience to share with others community member to building capacity and build good cooperation between community and local authority.

Ms. Lon Ny, Da commune at Kratie province said: so far in the Kratie province, had deal several issues, such as land and forests between the people and company, domestic violence, and others conflicts. She had a vital role in the dissemination and sharing of information to all those individuals to be aware of a number of strategic and basic principles, so that they understand and know how to prepare for their communities in finding resolution.

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