ISAF in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

For this year 2018 the ISAF project of ACT still keep going on to implement in Mondulkiri province that will cover from January-August 2018. The target area keep the same of the last year as four districts (KeoSima, KohNheak, Oreng, and Pechreada), with 13 communes (from 44 primary school, 44 villages, and 9 health centres). Capacity building training and Training of Trainer was provided to the four NGOs partner in Mondulikiri: My Village, IPHEA, KAFDOC, and MIPAD on 15-18 February 2018, who are the implementing partners of CARE-EU for holding this ISAF project base in Mondulkiri province. After the training the NGOs partners setting plan for their activities with the CAFs from local communities.

From February-June 2018 ACT and related NGOs partners was selected CAFs and gathering CAFs for their capacity building at their target areas such as: post on, inception meeting with the communes, conduct I4Cs discrimination in each villages, JAAPC monitoring meetings, community score cards able to conduct in some part of the partner. The next plan they will continue for the community score cards and interfaith meeting with all the three services, JAAP, and DIV. Partners quarterly meeting was conducted with the NGOs partner in Mondulkiri.

During the report period, ACT and NGOs partners also join other CARE-EU partners workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation provided by SILAKA, reflection workshop with other ISAF project work with other partner NGOs out of CARE partners, finance monitoring provided by VBNK, and other meetings with relate NGOs who are working on ISAF to do the research for the reflection and feedback for the next developing plan for the future ISAF implementation for the next phase 2019-2020. At this report period, ACT technical staff conducted survey, M&E, and stories collection from IP and CAFs for CARE report as this year project will end by August 2018.

On 7th June, 2018 Sotheavy the Executive Director was able to join the Radio Talk at Bayon Station prepared by Media1 about the I-SAF work respond to the local community with H.E. H.E. Cheam Pe A, Deputy Director General of General Department of Administration, Ministry of Interior responsible from NCDD on ISAF as the speaker. That for the period of ISAF implementation this year the government aim to reach to 18 provinces, 98 districts, 827 commune, 605 health centres, 4,107 primary schools. And the MoI-NCDD wishes to reach more target provinces all over the country. Some people called in was admired for this ISAF work that support the local community but still the service not able to provide in general cases yet so they suggested to have more support the poor local community person and able to provide with fair treatment to all citizen. And spread more service to other provinces especially at the most remote areas who are face difficulty to find quality treatment, education, administration services, and other issue that happened in their community.

ACT also wishes the government and related officer will able to cooperate more active and honest with the NGOs and local community for respond to the function and role of the local authority more effective and honest to offer the right and proper service to all citizen with fair treat.


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