ISAF Quarter II meeting in Mondulkiri

the second quarterly meeting among the ISAF partners in Mondulkiri province was conducted on 22nd June 2018 at CARE office in the province, with 12 participations from ISAF focal person in Mondulkiri, provincial admin officer, Implementing partners, donor and ACT staffs participated. The meeting was updated about their work during April till June 2018 and set next plan to support each other between HP, IPs, NCDD, and provincial staff.

The meeting was welcome and appreciate the afford of all IPs in Mondulkiri province by Ms. Sotheavy –  the Executive Director of ACT to NCDD focal person staff, Provincial staffs and donor who together working for the project reach the objectives and planned. As the meeting is to share your best and improvement part to each other, she encourage to continue support in case each of partners needed. She thanks to all partners who spend their time for this meetings for the better improvement of the ISAF work.

Ms. Chara, updated about the change of ISAF responsible in CARE Mr. Buntheout moved to other project “Malaria project” that the main responsible was with Ms. Chara and Mr. Sokchan they will responsible on the budget and report. They suggested to all project to complete report end by June but seem not possible to complete in June as IP have many work to do. CARE suggested to the other partners to manage their schedule properly. CARE suggested all partners to submit their annual reports by first week of August 2018. During July 2018 as it is election that we all free in July so please collect and complete some data information for end project report. Financial for this June 2018 please send out to CARE buy 25th June 2018 and after sent to CARE please updated with CARE staff for them to inform back that it complete then it can be close.

Ms. Chum Nary, ISAF technical at MDK province reported about her work “We had join the reflection meeting with NGOs and they update some issues and better improvement. Cooperation and responsible heard that each district face challenges like in KoshNeak if you have any issue please contact to Mr. Vichit not Ms. Srey Touch cause he former experience since the project end he no more responsible so it hard, we need to talk with them. Oreang even they don’t have budget but he support buy plastic for I4Cs in advance then the province was paid him with this good act later on as this for the ISAF work purpose. Post on is completed. Ms. Nary will inform issue of IPs for the provincial admin to approve letter for the activities before the election propaganda 7th July 2018 and inform back to partners as soon as possible.

Mr. Chaya, ISAF technical at MDK province reported about her work: “data entry done, updated with technical staffs, provincial officer were support to all districts work and inform the 3 services to all districts and communes to post I4Cs. Meeting checking the data collect before meetings. Heard the issues report by you all we will try to bring this to discuss without direct admin chief to support your work. Ms. Nary will inform issue of IPs for the provincial admin to approve letter for the activities before the election propaganda 7th July 2018.

Implementing partners in Mondulkiri province reported about their achieved work: Mr. Phally, IPHEA responsible from Khos Neak district were achieved much base on planned, event there were challenging of the participation of the community people as the CSC and SA is in the raining season if compare to the activities last year in dry season people participated a lot. Since April – June the commune was not allow to people gather more than 10 people. So they invited me to join with district that I know they said no need to inform if we used to conduct in the villages. I4Cs post on the commune was not able to post on for the people so I took the I4Cs of our CAFs to post but later on no see it. That because of the district staffs who not well manage and the service provider not ready be well participants and involved. That the miss manage of district not able to inform to all communes only one commune were inform and the rest is not well participated. Compare to last year seem they not free to support ISAF work. My next plan will complete the M4 in June and Interface meeting.

Mr. Buntham, MIPAD, Oreang  district reported: from March till June, Oreang we completed training from M1-3, we have 2 inceptions meeting at Dakdam and Senmonorom, 2 JAAPC meetings, then we conducted I4Cs to 7 villages with 490 peoples join, Self assessment done, CSC conducted 6 meetings.  After I4Cs we interview and input data in the CARE format. In each village I interview 14 people who participated. Our challenge is about the people during the I4Cs less participated but we try to disseminate from begging and end of the village and we have more group in morning and afternoon about 70 peoples as during this time is raining season hard for their participation. Relate to the cooperation work there were close cooperation, when I inform letter to district they inform to relate district and other sector on time for them to participation. Police post administration still asked all activities but in May-June they not come and asked question any more. Some village chief active but some not active when we ask them to invite people to join I4Cs and CSC. Less participation from most of the village who are in victim of the land and the deforestation. But we still try to manage team in each village to meet with community. Self assessment at DakDam we move date again and again as the commune chief and people are busy dealing on their land issue but we still work with other HC and PS. For the rest of activities we will conduct JAAPC, Interface meeting, and training M4. As our work is busy so we got support from the ISAF technical at district event the commune chief they also very supporting by allow us to send the letter via instagram to make the work more faster and later on at the event day we hand them the letter.  These seem they understand a lot about their role and work to complete for the community.

Mr. Sophal, MVI at Peachreada district were completed all Modules, during the I4Cs we have speaker to announce few days before event, 16/19 villages were understand I4Cs 729 (478 women) people participated. In May complete CSC in 16 village with 684 (430 women), we evaluate service provider with 12 village and we got the district participated in some commune. Only interface meeting will be completed. For my cooperation we got close support we just scan letter and send them to district and this is good cooperation with their inform to communes to village to invite community to join. I4Cs Peachreada district post with their stamp and now they asked me report and I am prepare for translation. My challenge we got drop invitation to village to join I4Cs but on the meeting day we don’t have people to join as they just meet with other NGOs yesterday that they not able to join so we move. Raining season also problem, CAFs moving and busy with their work. JAAPC not able to meet yet this will plan for next time. Our success CAFs were selected to vice chief and still volunteer for this ISAF work. Consult this with Ms. Chara, this still have 2 months more that it fine for them to join CAFs work. From now on can we have 2 times JAAPC meetings and for finance can we use the budget in difference line to move activities together in August. Ms. Chara, you have to meeting once a month and base on budget line completed.

Mr. Lyla, KAFDOC at Keo Seima district said: during these three month, KAFDOC done our inception meeting, instruct about the plan for this year and discussed on the time that involved in this year. CAFs who leave we select more to complete. We trained 3 training to CAFs total 12 days (M1-3) and they were well trained as old CAFs support me a lot during the training process. JAAP meeting plan last year were meet to remind the old plan and which achieved; about 70% of last plan were achieved. In April 2018 we late to send the JAAP to the commune. I4Cs were done disseminated to about 1,000 people 12 meetings. Challenge about the HC and PC. It’s good to strengthen on M&E to me to continue to train CAFs new ideas and method just about time is short hard to move faster to completed as planned.

Future plan for all partner were set and strategy to support each other work among HP, IPs, donor, NCDD province and provincial officer. Procincial officer and NCDD focal person will update and check for the cooperation letter from the provincial to all IPs in their implemting activities to be able complete by early of August 2018.



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