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On 29-31 October, 2018 Peace Research project was conducted follow up evaluation meeting with local authority at villages, commune, and district from Borie Cholsa, Takeo province. There were 43 participants with “o6 ladies”. The objective in the meeting was to share about the achievements in their community since after last meeting in March 2018. They was share the structure of commune/Sangkat to each other and reflect to have recommendation of research finding about situation of communities which found by peace research team.  The participants from local authority in villages from five communes: Kampong Krasang, Chey Chork, DongKpos, Borie Cholsa, and Kok Pur and representative from Borie Cholsa district.

Welcome to participants by Ms. Srey Sotheavy to local authority from Borie Cholsa Districts in Takeo Province. She introduced about ACT is non-profit, non-political, non-faith base organization and working for community development and the projects of ACT implementation.

The meeting was given the flow to the local authority to share their achievement and structure of each commune to one another as some of them still not sure about their structure as they are part of the commune officer. The program also offered them the recommendation from the research finding found since 2017 about “condition of Cambodian living at Borie Cholsa and Kirivong district, Takeo province”.

Deputy of Chey Chouk commune sharing about the achievement the commune has done so far had built the road in villages, Promote gender base nonviolent especially domestic violence. Promote girls and Children about the problem of lack the nutrition, Vaccine for all kinds of diseases, education on the bad affect of drug traffic in commune, construct commune office, structure of the commune to be understand their role.

Deputy from Borei Chulsa commune Shared about the achievement of the commune Infrastructure, reconstructed the road in the village, repair administrative office. The commune has been promoted in the public service, educate the issue of violence, in collaboration with the administration, intervention girl and children in commune who are the victim of violation and sent them to health center. Educate on health and clean, support during the disaster and set up the emergency committee and check every month. This year, they face flooding in the villages in the commune. The structure was share regarding to the infrastructure was respond by commune chief and the deputies.

Deputy commune Doung Kpos sheared about the achievement the commune done so far built the road and canal in the commune, built school, promote women and girls work in the village, provided birth certificate, Married certificate, and death certificate. Provide public services to citizens. The structure of the infrastructure for commune was the responsible of chief commune and the deputies, Clark then council and chiefs village.

Deputy commune Kampong Krasang shared about the achievement the commune has done on security in village/commune, provided the birth certificate to people, solved land conflicts with the conflicting people, coordinate domestic violence, and solve the electrical system in commune. Infrastructure for commune was responsible by the chief commune and Clark then Deputies and commune council.

Deputy commune Kork Por shared among communes in Borei Chulsa his commune has the most population of people than other commune to 10,000 people. He raised the achievement of commune has done so far was the development plans for villages and communes to reconstruct the canal, Built health center, Dig the pond for water supply, Built toilet for people. The infrastructure was the responsible of the commune chief, deputy and Clark with cooperate from villagers.

Borey Chulsa district was summary their annual reports in 2018 for their works in built red rock road, strengthen the security in the commune, educate people on disaster prevention, promote attention to child right, promote bad effect of using chemical fertilizers, prevented on drug trafficking. Infrastructure in district was the responsible of the district council chief and technical coordinating committee and consultative committee on women and children affairs, board of governors and professional office and Administrative director, productive office of planning and support commune, Office of financial expertise and procurement.

Official from Chey Chuk commune said: according ACT project help open his eye through visit other communities such as mangroves fishery community, such of this study he able to experience the real situation. This follow up and evaluation is help me to share and learn from one anther commune event this type of work he practice every day but he doesn’t deeply aware of it especially the structure of the commune.

Mr. Chey Sopha is governor of the Borey Chulsa district said thank to ACT for this program in inviting local authorities in Borey Chulsa district to this follow up and evaluation program 2018. The authorities able to notify the experience in community and commune practice. If we want to improve the community to work unless there is participation from the people and authorities and both local authority and community cooperating, honest and open with each other. The district administration is ready to supports commune plan in case they willing to form the community bird conservation in the future.

Mr. Chroung Kimyan is deputy in commune from Kampong Krasang said: through ACT workshop I am able to understand and aware of my structure and responsible in my commune level. With this workshop he has commitment to work more and strengthen the role of each committees in commune lever for them to take action more than before.

Mr. Sun Pbeak is deputy in commune from Kork Por said: since he joint with ACT he got to know more of this role as the local authority leaders about the good governance in their commune and other service provide to the people in village. He committed to bring what he learn from this workshop reflection meeting to apply in his commune and village. He thanks ACT for share knowledge and experience to Authorities in Borey Chulsa district.

Ms. Seng Saret is deputy first in commune from Borie Cholsa thanks ACT for conducted such program for them to build good relationship with other commune networks, ACT has strengthened our knowledge on governance, all those sharing are good for us to apply in commune and village.

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