Media Reflection on Current Situation

Alliance Conflict Transformation Organization (ACT) through Media for Peace project conducted the meeting with Peace Journalism network to update about Media currently situation in Cambodia. The meeting conducted on 31 October 2017 at Park Caffee restaurant with 8 (02 females). The object of this meeting is to update on the media situation and discuss about the questionnaire for conduct the media for peace survey in two topics: On role of journalists and media institution contribute in national election 2018 and the situation of media in Cambodia.
During the meeting we discussed and shared that most of media in Cambodia recently is not independence on news broadcasting because some of independent and democratic media institution had closed and most of media institution lead by businessman and politician those news is bias they not served or the sake of the people. What we found from the meeting is mostly observed the complained from the people in the rural area and remote areas as they couldn’t access the independence news. With this situation the people not so interest in news that broadcasting by radio, TV and print media relate to the political issues.
The participants have shared that the good news must me include all sources or parties that involve in the stories, what they feel worried and challenges is the when the contact to interview with some elite person, sometime they’re unhappy to answer or reject the request. Some information they collected controlled by editor not allowed broadcast. They mentioned that most of journalists want to write peace and independent news that got from the ground and community voices but during this recent situation they cannot because of the media institution trance, salary and worried about the personal security and compliance from the powerful person.
The participants also shared what they can do now is trying to look for the peaceful news, through finding all related sources and trying to compromise with the editor for broadcasting the news for full fill our willing to integrate peace concept in the news article. They sometime, facilitate has inspirational about the future plan for media for peace project and for network member from survey and we found one good suggestion from all participants to conduct the workshop on Peace and Security of Media Institution in Cambodia to respond the situation recently. The purpose of this reflection meeting is shared about the way to make the all media institution in Cambodia can progress in legal way and also procedure for well prepare to register their institution legally with close cooperate with MoI and MoEF.

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