Media Role in Peacebuilding2018

Media role in engage in peacebuilding was collected with the reflection and survey on the role of journalists and Media for Peace participants, to understand activities of journalist’s who engaged in Peacebuilding through the media and to share peace message especially during the election process in 2018. In the period of project implementation, the M4P team had conducted the consultation workshop to address the media or journalists current issues they were facing, produced video spot and involved in reporting and shared the peace message and peace news to the audience.

The survey is to reflect the view of the social media and journalist from independent perspective on the current situation of Cambodia and found some part of good implementation with challenges of journalists during the election process. The survey collective from media staffs and the social media activist reflects the real situation and experiences during the national election to compile as lesson learnt and the challenges of journalism and social media during at that period. Related to this report it also illustrate suggestions and comments for related institution in tried to engage themselves to take action and contribution for solution respond to the challenges that was happen among the media and journalist.

ACT would thanks to the ACT’ staffs: Ms. Khan Sophy, Ms. Poev Sinoun who collected and analysis of this survey for published out. ACT hope that the learning significant survey of Media for Peace team would be benefit for this work and lesson learn documentation for the public audience. All meaning of this significant survey are the responsibility of ACT and participants who is provide the information for the survey and not reflect to the view of donor BfdW. ACT and the project team would apologized for any unexpected mistake in this report and would receive you all comments.

Media Role in Peacebuilding survey2018

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