Media4Peace Press Conference

Encouraging the media to get involve in Media for Peace message send to the audients especially during the National Election in 29 July 2018, Alliance for conflict Transformation (ACT) through Media for Peace project cooperated with Ministry of Information (MolFo), Club of Cambodia Journalist (CCJ) and Media for Peace Network (MPN) on 30 January 2018 conducted Press Conference for Peace Journalism Award Announcement on topic “Peace Building through Reporting on the Process of National Election 2018” at Park Café with 31participants (04 Females) that mostly are journalists. This press conference is to announce the award program especially to journalists and relate Medias involved institution to apply for this award and inspire the journalist to active in peace building in Cambodia, to inspire journalists, media and all class of citizen can understand about a new way of Peace Journalism to develop society with constantly and to give the information and more clearly understanding about process of national election coming near in 2018.

On this event, Ms. Srey Sotheavy, executive director of ACT, shared about the obligation of ACT and also the background and history of Peace Journalism that spure from the survey on media in 2012 after that ACT form the Peace Journalist and in 2016 ACT transform the project to Media for Peace and by the consultation meeting among the medias network they proposed to have the Award for the journalist for their article writing about the election in 2018. This Award is inspiring journalists to write the news with peace and professional.

H.E. Chea Chanboribo, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Information, mentioned about journalists in Cambodia that we have a lot of journalists but the professional journalists are less. Peace in society is depending on journalist who not bias information, so the act of journalist is so important to keep inviolate and peace in society through publish of news, article, especially when we have national election. He also shared about the condition of way to apply for the award, three stages of article for competition and scoring by each article of Peace Journalism to score the peace article for Award provide soon in 31st August 2018.

Mr. Khorn Keo Mono, director of the NEC’s communication department, said about the law and ethical condition of journalism in reporting about national election. He shared how to write the report about national election with peace for journalism. He added, we need to know about the flow of national election and process, journalists need to study about law and ethical to prevent the news that make unbalance in society.

Mr. Pen Bona, CCJ president, shared his experiences related to how to write a good news article to audient and way that journalist or media able to respond peacefully to audient with the true, fair, balance, transparence news. News article should write and analyze about root of situation with interview all relate person in the account. Create and find the original angle of writing, short but have full meaning, research the involve people and document must follow Peace for Journalism concept and show how hard media and journalist trying to fulfill their task professionally

After platform questions were open for them to ask more detail about the program and process of awards. The award is just the picture of encouraging and remind for journalist keeping release mutual and professional report to the audients it not for only one time apply for award and writing perfect article for once time but keep the journalist be remind for keeping ongoing writing the peace report to help audients understandable, thinking able, dealing able to all situation that journalist release and respond in peacefully way.


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