Medias for Peace Training 2018

Media for Peace Training was conducted from 31 March – 1 April 2018 at American Conner, University of South East Asia (USEA) in Siem Reap province to 32 participants (8 ladies) from Journalist and social media. The two days training was share to them relate to the concept of peace and conflict, cause of conflict, conflict analysis tools, conflict style, active nonviolence communication, general view on media for peace, and rule of law relate to media and journalism, peace and war journalism, way to write the good news and angle of news, and discussion of the news network for future plan.

Beside from the trainer of ACT trained Media for Peace project has speaker Mr. Pou Piseth General Deputy Director in General Department of News and Broadcasting of the Ministry of Information presentation about the general view of journalism, the rule of law related to media and journalism in Cambodia such as Cambodia institution, the law of press, the journalism code of conduct copy right law, penal code and international convention in citizen. During the shared he was brain storm from all participants on the way the wright the good news and the way to know and peace news for broadcasting.

For more understanding news writing Ms. Yan Lyna, the director of Vayo FM shared about the way to write the new and news angle. During the shared she has presentation about the 11 important things in news for publishing as timely, closeness, the quality and unique, impact, effectiveness, most prominent, conflict result, number of people involved or affected consequences, interesting people, excitement and shocking price.

Related to social media Mr. Sour Piseth, the previous participant of MP project has shared about the ethic of social media and the security for Facebook and other social media users. During the presentation most of participants are interested to in the topic because most of participants have their own page in the Facebook account.

At the end of the training, team had discusses about future activities for disseminate what they learn to more people to understand the media for peace and peace journalism in their target group or community.  The activities came up during the discussion were: Advocate for the reporters and media institution respect on journalist code of ethic and the professional journalism; Share concept of journalism to community people, students and local authorities on the way to access the good news; and the consultation workshop on social media and peace journalism.

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