Mekong Peace Journey

From 27th May – 5th June, 2015 Ms. Sotheavy who is one of the Mekong Peace Journey participants from Cambodia, was able to attend the Training of Trainers at QuangXi University in Nanning, China; with all participants from the pilot MPJ and from the first to fourth MPJ generation that supported by AFSC to Working Group for Peace (WGP). In all, there were 11 participants, 5 of them women: 4 from Cambodia, 2 from Myanmar, 1 from Laos, 2 from Thailand, 2 from Vietnam) with extra 4 new participants from China 4 included. The program was conducted in cooperation with Innovation center for China-ASEAN Culture Development and the University of Quangxi province. The purpose of this ToT is to strengthen the capacity of the MPJ and build close relationships with each other, especially to build networking with the Chinese. Certificate award on Peacebuilding was hand to Ms. Sotheavy by Mr. Russell, Country Representation from AFSC.

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How to help?
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