Peace Research Stories of Change

Significant stories of change documentation were funded by Bread of the World. This peace research project stories of change collective from network of research teams, reflects the real situation for documenting all their journey stories to make lesson learnt and implemented result of project measure at the end of the project. To document significant stories of changes of peace research team is measured with improvement and benefit that peace research team has participated in project activities since 2013 till 2018. After research team participated in peace research training in 2014, peace research teams mobilized to be teams to choose topics that should be researched and collect information to share and do intervention from stakeholders to solve concern and issues facing of Khmer citizens, street children, indigenous and Khmer Kampuchea Krom to participate in country development through understanding and strengthening governance of local authorities to support livelihood of Khmer citizens.

The compilation of this book is also an indication of the interests, developments and the significance of the projects they have contributed and developed themselves and the community they have participated in doing research. ACT hope that significant of stories of change and improvement in peace research team would be benefit for this work as implemented experience of research team. All meaning of significant of stories of change are responsibility of ACT and research team to express opinions about project and this reflection stories of change.

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