Peace Research: Street Children 2017

Peace Research project after provided build capacity to young researcher on research skill and conflict resolution, the research group was split to group and screen for topic they found it interested for the society improvement in 2016. Proposal was designed, questionnaire was developed to conduct data collected and analyst at the end of February 2017. Research group are meeting and discussion on the research report edited and find out way to conduct presentation on 2nd September, 2017 on topic “The Challenges of Child Labor in the Street in Phnom Penh”. There were 106 participants with “48 Ladies / 87 youth”. The purpose of presentation on the research finding of child labor in the street to NGOs, partners, and relevance institutions and listen from the child community and parent to share experience.

The program was invited the national assembly member from both party to joint but only represent from CNRP send their representative to participanted H.E Ho Vann from the CPP part respond busy and not able to join. The local authority from the four communes were also invited: Mr. Ros Vanny second deputy chief from Tunle Bassac commune, Ms. Som Soa Chanda first deputy chief of Watphnom commune, and Ms. Khol Sarun commune council members of Phsar Kandal II and NGOs representative, teachers, university students, company staffs, street children and parents whom provided the interview. The program also invited representative from Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Rehabilitation (MSVR) and The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS), they also replied busy.

According research finding on challenges of child labor in the street in Phnom Penh found that; among street children in Phnom Penh were 68 children’s is 30 children not study and drop out school. The study also showed that; the children are studying is some of them had no chance to finish secondary school or high school. 50% of them do kinds of work to get the money. Look at their parents’ jobs, it’s important to note that most of the parents and children are cleaning and security personnel in private companies, while some of the parents of the children are unemployed or underemployed.

Mr. Pha Peara one of research member has share experience on the field told that; I never thought that child has a different idea about their age.  Most of the child they think only livelihood not their family. They seem to have a lot of responsibilities in family compare to other child at this age.

H.E. Ho Vann parliamentarian’s representatives from the CNRP told that; only national policy for rehabilitation and knowledge for children can solve the problem of poverty and street children. He raise that CNRP has set a policy to protect women’s rights and children’s rights. we need to input it into a national policy for next generation.

Mrs. Som Povchanda, Deputy Chief of Sangkat Wat Phnom told that; she agrees with what the research team has found on challenge of Children Street in Phnom Penh. According to observation and experienced she also found similar challenge with those street children who do business on the street. So far, the Sangkat has had a lot of difficulties in managing these people because they have moved around, not report to the authorities about their living condition. She suggested to institution relevant to encourage and think on the issue of all these children because it is a big problem for country. She really interest in the program who found on the children issue in her Sangkat to participants and relevant instituted to find the solution. She observed it is big issue that need to cooperate to relate sectors to support the children.

Girl Sophanmai, street children said that; she has 10 years old, lives with a miserable grandparent. Old grandmother who sell bird in front of the Royal Palace. Her mother left her when she was eight days old. Her parents got divorced; their old grandparent raise them in very poor condition and do not make sufficient income on day to day that make their life miserable. One day, she sold bird for a Chinese guy, but the Chinese did not pay the money and shouted loudly at her. For this, she faced a lot problems with others who do business like her. Sometime she was robbed by bigger street children, threat and hit her.

Boy Sopheaktra, 7 years old, sell bird to support the poor family. So after leave from study to help his mother doing business along river at Royal Palace. He tell that one day big boy snatched his money and threatened him, and sometime he was crush his feet by passage. He suggested to support him and other children because he wants his mother or other parents to have proper job so he able go to school regularly and other child the same him too.

Mr. Long Chandy, people from Sangkat TuolSangke, Phnom Penh raising that: I am interested in this presentation research finding and willing to see the practicle solution as in the past I’m joint with other NGOs such as; Mit samlanh, WorldVison, and PSE but this still need more strategy to work on. And may those organization take intervention to help those children by sending them to study and contract letter with child parent to stop child’s work.

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អង្គការACT ធ្វើសិក្ខាសាលាបង្ហាញលទ្ធផលស្រាវជ្រាវ ស្តីពី “ស្ថានភាពកុមារប្រកបរបរតាមដងផ្លូវនៅទីក្រុងភ្នំពេញ និងយន្តការដោះស្រាយ”

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