PR: Peacebuilding and Good Governance

“Peace building and good governance” is the topic for Peace Research workshop. Through peace research project after data collection and report writing of peace research team on March 2017 at Boriecholsa and Kirivong district in Takeo province. This research report was summaries information from the research team and found some recommendation and suggestion for the government, ACT was request letter to national assembly first on 09 November, 2017 to request for presentation of the research result on 29 November, 2017 to National Assembly but later on after waiting long time the national assembly reply not possible for the current situation as they busy. ACT submitted the second request on 22 January, 2018 to national assembly for presentation on 22 January, 2018 but this again replied each response committee very busy with preparation of the voter registration process.

On 28 February- 02 March, 2018 ACT were suggested to Local district governor for having meeting with the villages, communes, and district people for the having meeting and consulted with them at Kep Seaside in Kep province. After communication and discussion with admin of Borie cholsa district for the workshop were approved and conducted activities at Kep province. There were 52 participants with “06 ladies” is local authority from villages, communes and district level of Borie Cholsa district. The purpose of the program was to provide understanding and reviewing on Peacebuilding, conflict, violent, good governance and social accountability.  To present the research finding found from research team on “Condition of Cambodia Situation in BoreyChulsa and Kirivong district” and to find their feedback and recommendation from local authorities on the research finding.

At the first day of the process was gave space for participants to share their work achievements from the villages, communes, and district that have been achieved after attending the course with ACT in 2016-2017; with the challenges after practice good governance and social accountability on the local target areas and shared of strategic plans in each commune areas and district. Respond with this point representative from Kampong Krasang commune told that; through what ACT has provided, it contributed a great deal to the achievements of the past such as; strengthening the good practices of good governance at the grassroots level, resolving problems to the people, and Review the community’s listening to the needs of the people. Some of them had contributed to the people in reduce extra-judicial conflicts that benefit in living together for peaceful community.

At the second day: Peace building, conflict, violence, and good governance was presented Ms. Sotheavy the Executive Director of ACT for remind them to reflect on the peace building in Cambodia, explain on the conflict process to positive and negative conflict and how they able to identify the conflict and violent to eliminate all type of violence especially the hidden violence in social structure and how they able to see the violence hidden in social structure. Good governance and term of the accountability, and responsibility with the nine points of the good governance was explained to them to understand with the participant shared their practical experience to the current topic of governance and accountability of the local authority at the sub-national level.

In the afternoon, the research member team was presented their finding to those local authorities to understand about the fact finding they found from the ground communities. After the presentation, group discussions were divided them by each communes to discuss on each recommendations found in the report and find their comment and acceptance to claim and support to the finding with the sheets of recommendations for local authorities:

  1. The government should give land titles and farmland land titles to the people living along Cambodia’s borders precisely.
  2. The government should create the proper policy to develop the areas along the border and inspire the people who lives there.
  3. The government should act effectively on time to serve and satisfy the needs of the people along the border.
  4. The authorities and their related institutions must provide the solution and interventions on time when the people face any problems.
  5. The government and related institutions should prioritize to develop the infrastructure along the border.
  6. The government and their related institutions should prioritize to provide the appropriate market to domestic farmers.
  7. The authorities and their related institutions must critically check and restrict the law on products for export.
  8. The government must apply their role to control and provide more police stations with 24 hour guarding, in order to provide confidence to the people living along the border.
  9. The government and its related institutions should prioritize public speech events in aims to help people to face their issues and plan a solution.
  10. The government should create land concessions for poor people and inspire those living along the border to control and block the abuse or moving of the border.
  11. The Cambodian government must support the Cambodians who live along the border to ensure their proper living.
  12. Government must support and develop the local communities and cooperate with the development NGOs for the improvement of the communities.

Among the 12 recommendation to the local government they were respond as chat below:

The comments from authorities to the research report were denied in some points on the research size land area is not correct, number of people and family not accurate,  and village and commune maps in the report was not accepted. Because some of information of community until now was change and seem not proper documents stated clearly. The authority suggested to research team if have new field research later please contact to them for them to well facilitate for their trip to the community and easy to collect information.

Reviewing the evaluation with the people, we found that most of local authorities they were happy with the workshop program such as: the topic included – method for sharing and facilitation, sharing of research team about the issue of local commune and district, need of people, and other logistic for the program such as; food, accommodation, travel, and meeting room. And they suggested to Improvements later for take more time to train and presentation the results research. Please communication first with district level for request conduct field research in local area and relevant stakeholder to develop on the border area for people living better after the research are found about issue of community.

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