Shooting Media for Peace Video

For seeing the incredible increasing of citizen journalists who know less about professional of media and journalist in social media, is making the news in social media become trustless. More then this some good people become a victim in real life because of the short post that less detail in its story also an analyzed comment make the situation become worst. To be a part of awakening citizen behavior and solve this main problem, ACT, non-government organization cooperated with Media for peace networks conducted the educated video about the effect of post and comment in social media in objective to share through social media to awakening journalists, citizen journalists and normal citizen to understand about value of media for peace concept, show to journalists, citizen journalists and normal citizen about disadvantage of broadcast and sharing the lack source of information, show to the one who comment in social media about the effectiveness of comment which not known the root of issue and the pursuit of peace begins with oneself, and show citizen to analyze the information which could be accepted and which not.

This activity was conducted two time, first on 04-05 August 2018 with 08 participants (3 ladies) and second time at 11-12 August 2018 with 08 participants (4 ladies) in Phnom Penh. This video shows about the prejudice which talks about social media user film the short film without knowing about the root of problem that make a misunderstanding in sharing and comment. Until has a comment from the witness, they show their regret and apology for their behavior. The team meeting was going on before and after the gathering to discuss in progress detail.

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How to help?
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