Sophy at YAPA

On June 13-17, 2016, I Khan Sophy, the project manager of the Alliance for Conflict Transformation organization (ACT) was attended in Young Ambassadors of Peace in Asia (YAPA). This training organized by Christian Conference of Asia that have 28 young  participants from 12 countries in Asia who is Buddhist, Christian and Muslim committed to promote interfaith collaboration in peace building and conflict resolution. The training held at the headquarters of Christian Conference of Asia, Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 12-18 June, 2016.

The five days of training, I was learn much on the concept of peace and justice, human rights, tolerance, conflict analysis tools and harmony by difference facilitator who is from CCA, professor and the previous participants who had to attended young ambassador of peace in Asia.

As I am working in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation organization I used to know some concepts of peacebuidling and working in inter-faith or inter-ethnic in Cambodia but during the time that I join in YAPA training I learn much to live in diversity and learn from all participant experience, conflict that was happened in their countries, culture, the religion respect during the presentation time or group shared.

During the training, I did share about the inter-faith (Buddhist, Christian and Muslim) conflict in Cambodia and discussed with Cambodia team on activities plan to conduct after arrive home countries with presentation. The activity plan that was shared is Cambodia team will continue to implement on the Inter-Faith Peacebuilding project in the year of 2017.

It was a great honor that CCA through YAPA program provide me the opportunity to join this training. I will take the good lesion learn to apply and integrate peace and justice concept to my daily works. The big thing that I learn is “if we want to build peace please do not forget justice if mean that build peace with justice is not toward to the real peace in society”


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