Vision and Mission


A Cambodian society cooperates and respects diversities and rule of laws for sustainable justpeace.


ACT strengthens capacity by providing support and empowering networks and target stakeholders at different levels for sustainable people building and conflict transformation.

Core values


  • Justpeace: ACT seeks for justice and peace
  • Independence: ACT promotes the spirit of independence among journalists citizen journalist, researchers and community based organizations.
  • Diversities: ACT acknowledges and accepts diversities including faiths, ethnicity, needs, culture, and others.
  • Empowerment: ACT promotes learning and sharing, aiming to encourage active participation and decision-making in development processes.
  • Relationship building: ACT highly upholds to cooperation and networking with



  • Inter-faiths (inter-ethnics): inter-faith communities and inter-ethnic communities cooperate and respect their diversities (including identities, cultures and needs) for sustainable peace.
  • Media for Peace: print and social media producers provide peaceful information and messages for sustainable peace to public audience.
  • Peace Research for policy change: research findings conducted by well-equipped researchers are used for policy change and improved practice at different levels by government and other stakeholders.
  • Multiple Approaches to Conflict Transformation: community members and local authority have capacity to deal with conflicts through alternative dispute resolution including gender base violence.
  • Organizational capacity: ACT has better capacity in resources mobilization for sustainability.
How to help?
How to help?
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